Review: Once Again – Tales of Destiny by M. Kari Barr


Mara was raised by a mother who forbade any talk of magic. This one rule leads to Mara’s denial about all the magical manifestations she sees daily. At 20 years of age she no longer notices seeing Wind Sprites and Ogres –until Aerrvin shows up.

Aerrvin is a Fairy Prince on a quest. He has decided to seek a bride from among the Humans of Seattle. After choosing Mara as his target, and using old magic, he intends to Transform Mara from a Human to a Fairy.

Mara reminds herself of the mantra her mother taught, “Magic is not real.” At the same time she encourages her dreams of flying about each night as a fairy to continue. Eventually, she seeks counseling to determine what is real.

Meanwhile, Morvayne has been spying on Mara all of her life. Some of those within the world of the Faire who practice the art of Dreaming know that she is a central figure in the future of all the world. Morvayne intends to exploit her for his own gain, which he can only do if she comes to believe in the reality of the Faire Realms.

My Review:

Mara lives an ordinary life. She has great friends and lives in a fantastic house that she cherishes. Though she used to be aware of the supernatural, she repressed her knowledge of all things magical when she was a child. That is until she meets Aerrvin.

Aerrvin is a really good-looking Fairy Prince. Pressured to get married, he decides to choose a human for his bride. As soon as he sees Mara, he knows she is the one. They are drawn to each other so easily and effortlessly.

As Mara and Aerrvin get to know one another, Mara’s magical knowledge slowly comes back to her. However, a magical being obsessed with power intends to use Mara for his own gain.

Can Mara escape the evil clutches of Morvayne? Aerrvin will do anything in his power to keep Mara safe. He is protective and brave, as is Mara. I like how well their personalities compliment each other.

This is a great coming-of-age novel! The story is imaginative and original, and I loved the characters. The protagonist, Mara, is a strong and resilient woman who shows so much growth throughout the novel. I enjoyed reading about her journeys, both physical and emotional and can’t wait to see how her relationship with Aerrvin progresses.

Kudos to the author for creating such a unique and captivating setting and plot-line. I can’t wait to read the next book!



Favorite Parts:

  • The amazing world-building
  • The plethora of unique, magical creatures and beings
  • The romance, of course!


Readers of young adult fantasy will love this book!

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