Review: Skyseeker’s Princess by Mariam Verbeek

Skyseeker’s Princess is the first book in Mariam Verbeek’s Songs of Si’Empra series. This young adult fantasy is a unique and interesting story about a young woman destined for greatness. 

Ellen is an orphan and under the control of her cruel half-brother Redel. When Ellen flees for her life, she is saved by an unlikely group of underground people. They believe she is the true heir to the throne, not the evil Redel.

As Ellen physically and mentally heals from the years of abuse she suffered at the hands of her brother, her new friends and allies help her.

Will Ellen rise up against Redel and fight for her people? Will she end the tyranny over her land?

This is a creative and unique story with amazing world-building. The author’s skillful use of imagery captivated me from the first page. From the cold and relentless setting to the unusual and delightful animals, this story is well-developed and engrossing.

One aspect of the book that I particularly like is that there is no love story. This is a story about a young woman finding herself – her strength, her resilience, her bravery. She does this with the help of other strong women (and a few men), but her growth is her own.


Favorite Parts:

  • many strong, independent women
  • unique setting
  • strong world-building
  • original fantastical animals


Readers who enjoy fantasy, coming-of-age novels will love this book. I also think it will appeal to readers who like dystopian fiction or stories about strength and perseverance.

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  1. Did you get this book for review on booksirens? I am glad you enjoyed it. I have looked at this one, not requestd it yet cos I got a few others lined up, but I might soon. 🙂

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