Review: Highland Barbarian by Ruth Ryan Langan

I must admit, I am a sucker for a steamy Highland romance, so I was excited when I found Highland Barbarian, the first in Ruth Ryan Langen’s Highlander series.  
 Lady Meredith McAlphin, the eldest of three daughters, is the leader of her Clan since the recent death of her father. Garth MacKenzie, a neighboring clan leader, convinces a reluctant Meredith to marry his younger brother in order to protect her Clan and her younger sisters. But on her wedding day, Meredith is kidnapped by the ruthless, albeit gorgeous, Highland Barbarian!
Brice Campbell knows of his reputation as the Highland Barbarian. He also knows Garth MacKenzie is not who he appears. Seeking vengeance for a wrong committed by Garth, he kidnaps Meredith. Little does he know how much this impulsive abduction will change his life. 
Meredith is an innocent woman who initially views Brice as her enemy. And why wouldn’t she? After all, he kidnapped her at the altar, and he killed her future husband. However, as Meredith gets to know Brice, she realizes there is so much more to him than the misguided rumors. 
I also love how Brice has a special, royal friend.

Mary Queen of Scots aids Meredith and Brice in learning the truth and in finding each other.  She adds a bit of levity and humility to the story, and she also reminds her dear friend about the importance of following one’s heart.


Favorite Parts:

  • Well-developed and interesting characters
  • Interesting and well-paced plot i(f a bit far-fetched)
  • Suspenseful action
  • Lovely development of friendships throughout the story
  • Dastardly villains who stand in stark contrast to the strong and loyal Brice. 


I recommend this book to people who enjoy romance-against-all-odds. I mean, the idea that a woman would fall in love with a man who kidnapped her, murdered her fiancée and possibly murdered her father is a big stretch. But, I guess that’s the power of a hunky Highlander, right?

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