ARC Review: Rescued by a Highlander by Susan Payne

Title: Rescued by a Highlander

Author: Susan Payne

Publication Date: Sept. 9, 2020

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc

Synopsis: Tall, beautiful and slender, she dressed like a boy and fought like a warrior and won Laird Macgregor’s interest in a single moment. Jillian was fighting to protect her father and save her heritage – could she trust a Highlander to help her? 

My Review:

Rescued by a Highlander is the story of Jillian, a woman who will do whatever it takes to protect her father, even marry a complete stranger.  When Gawain first encounters a young boy and older man in the woods of his land, he doesn’t realize that the young man is, in fact, a woman in boy’s clothing.  He’s intrigued by this mysterious woman and her father.  What brought them to near exhaustion and starvation on his lands, and can he convince them to stay?

Jillian and her father fled their land after Jillian’s nefarious relative revealed unsavory and threatening plans for their future.  Jillian knows that marrying Gawain will protect her and her father, but she doesn’t expect to fall for her new husband. 

Jillian is a likable and tolerant protagonist. Faced with many difficult situations, Jillian always makes the best of her circumstances and acts with grace and understanding.  I also like her curious nature.  She is not satisfied taking care of the castle and desires more in life.  She enjoys exploring and fighting, which is considered inappropriate for women.  I like her determination and unwillingness to give up her individuality.  However, she does, at times, seem to give in easily to the men in her life, which felt contrary to and uncharacteristic of her independent spirit. I wish these conflicting parts of her personality were developed more.

The plot is interesting with small conflicts throughout the story that lead up to the larger conflict of Jillian’s cousin.  I was a bit disappointed in the quick resolution, however.  It felt like a big buildup to a climax that fell a bit flat for me. That being said, the story had a nice resolution and wrapped up well.

Rescued by a Highlander will appeal to readers who enjoy historical romance with an independent and spirited protagonist and a lovely romance.  Thanks so much to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. 


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance! Jillian and Gawain have a lovely romance, and I enjoyed watching thier love for each other grow.
  • Jillian. She’s an independent and fiery character who doesn’t back down.


This is a good story for readers who like historical romance.

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  1. I ‘looked inside’ the book on Amazon, and it looks like an interesting read. Payne certainly knows how to set a scene from the first paragraph. I think I’ll check it out further.

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