Review: Broken Promises by Peta Lee Rose

Title: Broken Promises

Author: Peta Lee Rose

Series: Regency Masquerade (Book 1.5)

Page Length: 97

Publication Date: Nov. 11, 2019

Synopsis: One night a year. For twelve years, that’s all they’d had, just one night each year. It was no longer enough.

That’s all Noel Challender could give him. That’s all he’d ever asked for. That very first night, they’d made promises to each other. But this year, she’d broken her promise.

As soon as the Duke of Clairvale had seen her, she’d intrigued him. With one dance, she’d ensnared him. They’d made promises to each other. She’d broken hers. He was now free to claim all her nights.

Broken Promises, a Christmas novella set in the Regency Masquerade series world, is a historical romance flavored with a pinch of humor.

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My Review:

Broken Promises is a quick and delightful historical romance with a bit of paranormal charm. The novella begins when, after twelve years of faithful attendance, John doesn’t show up for a yearly masquerade ball and his romantic rendezvous with Noel. Noel knows something must be wrong, and, concerned for John, seeks him out even though they promised never to do so. Will Noel find John? Will they reveal their feelings for each other? With secrets standing in their way, can Noel and John have a happily-ever-after?

The story takes place during the holiday season, and John and his sons embrace the magic of Christmas. Inspired by Noel’s idyllic childhood memories of the holiday, John brings the joy of Christmas to his children and Noel. Sleigh rides, family dinners, games, and more help Noel see what her future could be like.

I enjoyed Noel and John’s story, and their love story is beautiful. Noel is a kind and loving woman with a complex past, and John is a perfect complement to her. They are both smart, giving, and sincere, and I love the way they feel about each other. There are reasons why Noel and Jack can’t be together, and they must face these obstacles before they can have a future. Ultimately, John and Noel (more Noel) must learn how to trust each other and open up to each other. This proves difficult since their relationship began with the promise of not asking questions and only living in the moment.

A sweet novella with likable characters and a wonderful love story, Broken Promises is a great read for people who like historical romance. I enjoyed how the novella unfolded, and the paranormal element is a heart-warming and touching addition to the story. Thanks so much to NetGalley and the author for a copy of the novella in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance, of course!
  • The paranormal element.
  • The holiday charm.


This is a great read for people who like a quick and charming historical romance novella.

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