The ABC Book Challenge: G

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Today I’m back with the ABC Book Challenge where I highlight memorable reads and book on my TBR that start with the same letter. Today’s letter is G.

It’s such a fun way to look back on all of the fabulous books I’ve read and to look ahead at books I’d like to read in the future! Let’s see what I have for the letter “G”!

I included links to Goodreads for each book, so, if you’re interested in learning more about a book, just click on the picture! 🙂

Memorable Books That Start With G:

Girl, Serpent, Thorn is a great YA fantasy. I loved the main character and the way that the author blurred the lines between good and evil. This was one of my favorite summer reads!

The Girl of Fire and Thorns is the first book in an epic YA fantasy series. I read this years ago and it left a strong impression, especially the protagonist and the immersive world-building. The fantasy elements are pretty cool too.

Graceling is another young adult fantasy that I adored! Though I was a bit disappointed in the rest of the series, this one still remains one of my favorites.

I taught The Giver many times over the course of my teaching career and was always impressed by the story, the characters, the symbolism, and the poignant messages. This was generally a class favorite, and is a favorite of mine.

Glass Sword is the second book in the Red Queen series, and it is a super action-packed story. I was really surprised with the direction of this story and thought it was a great continuation!

The Grimm Legacy has one of the coolest libraries ever! Instead of lending books, they lend magical objects from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Some of the objects start to disappear and the protagonist has to figure out who is stealing them.

Graduation Day is the third book in The Testing series, which I loved during my YA dystopia days. I remember obsessively reading all the dystopian I could find, and this series was one of my favorites.

Gasp is the third book in the Visions series, and it’s a pretty intense conclusion! Jules has an awesome group of friends, there’s a ton of suspense and action, and I can remember devouring this book.

Books on My TBR That Start With G:

Have you read any of these books? Which on my TBR should I read first? Can you think of other books that start with the letter G? Comment below!

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  1. So many great books in this post! A teacher gifted me The Giver years ago and I’ve re-read it several times since.

    The Grimm Legacy sounds really interesting! I just added it to my TBR list. 🙂

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