ARC Review: Meet You Under the Stars by Traci Borum

book cover of Meet You Under the Stars

Title: Meet You Under the Stars

Author: Traci Borum

Series: Morgan’s Grove – Book 2

Page Length:

Publication Date: Dec. 1, 2020

Synopsis: Chaynie Mayfield is the absolute last person who should be heading up the Morgan’s Grove library Valentine’s event. Ever since her boyfriend dumped her last year—on Valentine’s Day—she’s had a hard time believing in love.

When Greg Peterson, handsome architect and former schoolmate, is commissioned to oversee the library’s renovations, Chaynie’s spirits are instantly lifted. Greg helps her brainstorm, and they create an “Under the Stars” theme that promises to deliver a magical night for the entire town.

The longer Chaynie and Greg work together on the romantic project, the deeper their attraction grows. But when her dream job comes calling, Chaynie must decide whether her future aspirations are worth the price of leaving a town, a family, a library she adores, and a love she’s not sure she can live without.

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My Review:

A story about family, finding oneself, and finding love, Meet You Under the Stars follows Chaynie, a librarian tasked with organizing a Valentine’s Day event for work. Though not a fan of the romantic holiday since her break-up last year, Chaynie determines to make a Valentine’s event that everybody can enjoy.

When Greg is hired to renovate Chaynie’s library, he helps Chaynie with her Valentine’s Day task. Chaynie never planned to stay long in her home town, as there is little chance of her becoming a lead librarian. However, when she receives a job opportunity in another state, Chaynie must reevaluate what is most important to her.

Throughout the story, Chaynie is finding herself. What does she want in life? What are her goals? She is conflicted between her ambition and her ties to Morgan’s Grove and spends much of the story learning more about herself and her main priorities. She is a realistic and well-developed character who feels pulled in many different directions.

The story highlights relationships – friendships, family bonds, and new love are all explored. The relationship between Chaynie and her mother, for example, is wonderful and one of my favorites in the novel. Her mom is so supportive and understanding and is definitely Chaynie’s biggest cheerleader. Chaynie also supports and comforts her mother as she deals with moving on after the loss of her husband. Their encouragement, understanding, and unconditional love show a deep and strong bond that I adored.

I also love the budding relationship between Chaynie and Greg. I love that Greg, who is super patient, kind, and generous, doesn’t pressure or push Chaynie and instead moves at her pace. Greg and Chaynie are both at crossroads in their lives, and they develop a close bond because of that. Their connection to the community, as well as shared goals and morals, also deepens their connection. However, Chaynie is so busy trying to figure herself out that she doesn’t see what’s right in front of her.

The small-town feel is charming and cozy and, like the first book in the series, makes me want to live in Morgan’s Cove. I want to visit the library where Chaynie works and eat at the bakery that the characters frequent. The community programs, like the Valentine’s Day event and the books clubs hosted by the town library, are things I want to sign up for. There is a comradery among the residents and a lovely, welcoming feel to the town.

A clean, cozy, and charming story, Meet You Under the Stars is a lovely story for readers who enjoy small-town romance. Thanks so much to Traci Borum for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The small town charm. I love the small-town feel, the wonderful characters, and the cozy ambience.
  • The romance! Chaynie and Greg have a sweet and slow-building relationship!
  • The way in which the author highlights the importance of different kinds of relationships.


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