Loving the Lines: Sisters of Shadow and Light Duology

Hey there! Today, I have another Loving the Lines for you! Basically, Loving the Lines is dedicated to books with stand-out quotes that need to be shared. I’m often moved by passages and lines from the books I read, and I thought this would be a great way to show the love!! Many thanks to all the wonderful writers who inspire, empower, entertain, and make people think. Today, that author is: 

Sara B. Larson!

I recently read the Sisters of Shadow and Light duology and loved it. It’s a captivating ya fantasy, and I particularly loved the amazing sibling relationship.

Favorite Lines:

Sisters of Shadow and Light

The night my sister was born, the stars died and were reborn in her eyes.

Life is full of lost time. I suppose one of the best lessons we can learn is to never put off for tomorrow what we can say or do today — because that chance may never come again.

I didn’t know… would probably never know. That not knowing was like an itch beneath my skin, unreachable and, at times, unbreakable.

To Zuhra, to my sister, to my home. It was she who called me, who had always been there, calling for me. It was she who I stretched out to reach.

Warriors of Wing and Flame

Memories were a tricky thing. They could elude you-or refuse to leave you alone. They could linger and linger-or refuse to return, no matter how hard you tried to recall them.

Our first kiss had been desperation and heat and need, a crashing of wills and hearts; this kiss was softer, his lips moving tenderly on mine, a meeting of souls, a celebration of survival, a surrendering that was like falling and being caught all at once.

Raidyn-the one who looked at her with eyes that burned with far more than just Paladin fire.

An hour could pass like a dream, speeding by, blurry and unreal. And a minute could stretch for an hour, chokingly slow, painful in its passing. I’d experienced both in my life.

The hardest part of any battle – of any loss, especially someone close to you – is not the heat of the moment. It’s the quiet moments afterward, when you’re alone with your thoughts and the images that have been seared into your mind.

May the light hold us and keep us safe.

About the Books:

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Sisters of Shadow and Light

Publication Date: Nov. 5, 2019

Publisher: Tor Teen

Synopsis: Zuhra and Inara have grown up in the Citadel of the Paladins, an abandoned fortress where legendary, magical warriors once lived before disappearing from the world–including their Paladin father the night Inara was born.

On that same night, a massive, magical hedge grew and imprisoned them within the citadel. Inara inherited their father’s Paladin power; her eyes glow blue and she is able to make plants grow at unbelievable rates, but she has been trapped in her own mind because of a “roar” that drowns everything else out–leaving Zuhra virtually alone with their emotionally broken human mother.

For fifteen years they have lived, trapped in the citadel, with little contact from the outside world…until the day a stranger passes through the hedge, and everything changes.

LINKS:     Goodreads    |       Amazon   |       Book Depository

Warriors of Wing and Flame

Publication Date: Oct. 27, 2020

Publisher: Tor Teen

Synopsis: The doorway between the magical Visempirum and the human world has been reopened. Paladin are once more living in the citadel where Zuhra and Inara grew up completely isolated by the magical hedge that trapped them there. Amidst the brewing conflict between the Paladin and humans looms the threat of Barloc, who has stolen Inara’s immense power and continues to elude the Paladin who are desperately searching for him.

In this sequel to Sisters of Shadow and Light, Inara and Zuhra must navigate the treacherous paths of self-discovery, their love for each other, and for the boys who have captured their hearts. Together, they search for the strength within themselves to bridge the divide between the two worlds they inhabit, even as war threatens to destroy everything—and everyone—they love.

LINKS:     Goodreads     |      Amazon      |    Book Depository

Have you read this duology? Which quote is your favorite? Comment below!

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