Healers: Secrets of the Academy Book Tour and Excerpt

Hi there! I’m happy to be a part of Breakeven Books Book Tour for Healers: Secrets of the Academy by L.L. Smith. This sounds like an intriguing and suspenseful story with interesting characters! Let’s check it out!

About the Book:

Title: Healers: Secrets of the Academy

Author: L.L. Smith

Series: The Healers Saga #1

Publication Date: Jan. 21, 2021

Synopsis: The students of SalVaneerie Academy face a gruesome end at the hands of Shadow Knights! This army of mysterious and hollow Knights close in from the Dark Forest surrounding their campus. Healers, Warriors, and Brains; Must band together to repel these Shadow Knights and uncover their peculiar origins. Will Nicole amass enough friends to repel the attack? Will Hunter be able to overcome his performance anxiety? Will Theodore be able to discover the truth he seeks? Find out, inside!

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About the Author:

L L Smith: small-town living and music binging. Self published two books deep and counting. He’s ready to share some laughs, gasps, and tears with reader folk from all walks of life!

Follow L.L. Smith on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lachamania/


“What the hell is wrong with you people?” Drake kept his sword drawn as he shouted. “What the hell kind of training was that!”

“Watch your tongue, you louse!” Ralph shouted.

“Are you volunteering to go next?” Hunter’s calm words erupted the volcano of Drake’s rage.

“What?” Drake jabbed his sword toward Hunter.

“Perhaps you’re confused by our training method?” Hunter questioned.

“This is how we conducted kill speed tests when we were training. We didn’t even have an army of Healers on site in case things got ugly. We had to carry our wounded to the infirmary ourselves!” Hunter had to pry his eyes away from the crowd. “In the early years, before we were good enough to protect each other I lost a very good friend of mine during a kill speed test. Watched him lose his head right before my eyes! Mr. Bell waited until after Joey’s death to step in and dismember the Knight… His reason for waiting? So that we could experience the horrors of wartime casualties! Joey didn’t deserve that…” Hunter turned to face the crowd once more. “Given the fact that you stand here today without having to suffer that injustice, I fail to follow your concerns.” Hunter’s expression was miserable as he maintained his composure.

“Do you expect me to believe that? You’re mocking us!” Drake gripped his sword with both hands, his mind blinded by rage. “If you’re so great, why do you hide behind your troops like some sort of cowardly rodent!” Drake began to close the gap between he and Ralph with his sword at the ready.

“Bite your tongue, you fool!” Ralph met Drake’s stride.

“No, that’s quite alright.” Hunter held his hand up as he spoke. His more serious tone caught both Ralph and Drake off guard. Hunter still struggled to wrap his head completely around Drake’s emotions, but he was fully aware that he had just been insulted.

With Hunter’s simple words and gestures, Zeva and Ralph stood aside and sheathed their swords. Hunter walked through the gap they had created and right up face to face with Drake. “You have my attention, sir. Now what is it you hope to accomplish?” Hunter stood before Drake as calm as ever. He was completely unphased by the sword that Drake waved in his face — so much so that he hadn’t even drawn his own sword. Hunter wasn’t trying to be intimidating, he was simply trying to understand Drake’s anger. 

“I want to put you in your place!” Drake shouted as saliva flung from his mouth and onto Hunter’s shirt.

Hunter turned his back to Drake, took ten calm paces, and then turned back. He removed his sword from his hip but kept it in its sheath.

“If it’s a duel you want, then sheath your weapon, you heathen. This will be a sporting duel not some bloody massacre! The first to make contact with their sword is the victor!” Hunter waited for Drake to comply.

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