Book Review: Texas Homecoming by Carolyn Brown

About the Book:

Title: Texas Homecoming

Author: Carolyn Brown

Series: The Ryan Family #2

Page Length: 336

Publication Date: January 25, 2022

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: The bestselling Queen of Cowboy Romance delivers a heartwarming novel where a doctor and veterinarian get a second chance at true love when a storm traps them together.

After traveling the world, Dr. Cody Ryan has finally come home to his foster family’s ranch in Honey Grove, Texas. But all his time in Doctors Without Borders couldn’t have prepared him for the sudden blizzard that forces him to take shelter in an old barn—or for the shock of watching Stephanie O’Dell yank open that same barn door minutes later. He’s barely seen the gorgeous veterinarian since he returned, so why is she icier than the wind outside?

Stephanie—better known as Dr. Stevie around Sunflower Ranch—has been treating the cattle there for years…and not one of them is as bullheaded as Cody. He’s completely forgotten how he broke her heart, back when she was a teenager smitten by his easy charm and sharp wit. But as the blizzard rages on, trapping Cody and Stevie together, it’s clear that the fire they’ve built to keep warm isn’t the only source of sparks in that barn. Once the storm passes, will Stevie and Cody discover that they’ve fallen in love …and will either of them ever admit it? 

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My Review:

A second-chance romance and the second book in the Ryan Family series, this novel follows Stevie and Cody, a veterinarian and doctor with a long history. Stevie’s been in love with Cody since high school when they dated for a brief time before he left for college. Now, years later, Cody has returned home to his family ranch in Texas after traveling the world working with Doctors Without Borders. During a blizzard-like storm, Cody and Stevie are both caught in a neighbors barn and have to hunker down together with a collection of furry friends and survive the storm. But can they survive the feelings that resurface after so many years apart?

Stevie and Cody have a lovely second-chance romance! It’s clear from the start that there is unfinished business between the two, and their chemistry is strong from the moment they reconnect. So much time has passed, and there are many old feelings that they need to address, especially since they were on different pages when they broke up as teenagers. I don’t think Cody realized just how heartbroken he left Stevie until he returns and reconnects with her. It’s great to see them break down the walls they’ve put up and find each other again.

I also really love the strong messages about family. Cody has a wonderful family, and their bond is so strong. This is a family that supports and loves through the thick and thin, and they always have each other’s backs. This warm family is just what Stevie needs, as she is grieving the loss of her mother and misses the close family connection. The messages about love and family show just how important both are to the protagonists, and they are a great complement to the love story. Both Cody and Stevie returned to their hometown to help with sick parents, and it is back in their hometown where they find themselves, their connection with their family, and each other again.

Another part of the story I enjoyed was the Texas winter setting. When I think of Texas, I usually think of hot and sunny weather. However, this is Texas in the winter, and a nasty snowstorm has shut down the area. It’s interesting to see the state from a different perspective than I expected. Also, the blustery, cold weather is a nice contrast to the chemistry that sparks between Stevie and Cody.

The animals are another fantastic addition to the story. Stevie is a veterinarian, and she is gifted with animals. Nurturing, compassionate, and experienced, she is a wonderful doctor and caretaker. And the animals are priceless and adorable. I feel like these animals offer some powerful messages about trust, love, adaptability, and found families, which is really interesting.

Though this is the second book in the Ryan Family series, it can totally be read as a standalone. That being said, it’s a wonderfully heartwarming series that I recommend to readers of contemporary romance. Thanks so much to Forever, Netgalley, and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The animals.
  • The wonderful family bonds.

Favorite Line:

Life isn’t all happy times. You got to have some rain before you can fully appreciate the rainbow.


I would recommend Texas Homecoming to readers who enjoy second chance romances, winter romances, or contemporary romance.

7 thoughts on “Book Review: Texas Homecoming by Carolyn Brown

  1. had trouble reading this book. Way too many cliches.Sentences like mad enough to chew up a full grown bull and spit out cellophane wrapped packages of hamburger meat. Really? Can’t believe C. Brown wrote this. Have relatives in Texas, they have “accents” but do not talk this way.The main character supposedly was “college-educated” and in the military. Have read a lot of Carolyn Brown books and this was not her usual style.

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