Book Review & Giveaway: Shot Across the Bow by Julie Ann Walker

About the Book:

Title: Shot Across the Bow

Author: Julie Ann Walker

Series: Deep Six #5

Publication Date: Nov. 29, 2021

Synopsis: Former Navy SEAL Spiro “Romeo” Delgado is six-plus feet of high-octane charm, and he has two hard and fast rules. One, always come to the rescue of those in need. And two, never give up his fast and furious bachelor ways. But when Mia Ennis joins Deep Six Salvage on the hunt for the Santa Cristina, her mesmerizing blend of brains, beauty, and bravery makes him question everything he thought he wanted in life.

Mia’s traumatic past has taught her to keep everyone she meets at arm’s length. But Romeo, with that body that is forever tensed for action and that dark gaze that tracks her every move, makes her feel safe in a way she never expected. Yet the secret she carries compels her to keep her distance—even as the past comes back to haunt them.

A harrowing plane crash ends with Romeo and Mia marooned on a desert island. When a boatful of men bent on murder drop anchor, Mia discovers her only hope for survival depends on her letting her guard down around Romeo. But surrendering to 202sion she feels for him might be the most dangerous thing of all…

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My Review:

An intriguing friends-to-lovers, opposites-attract romance, Shot Across the Bow is the fifth book in Julie Ann Walker’s Deep Six series.  I was so excited to read Romeo and Mia’s story, and it did not disappoint! With tons of action, adventure, romance, and steam, the book is a fabulous addition to the series.

Romeo and Mia are both compelling protagonists, and I loved how their stories, both as individuals and as a couple developed. These friends have so much in common, yet they both struggle with their feelings.  Past traumas, horrible upbringings, and fear of commitment prove difficult obstacles for them, as do the people who seem to be targeting one of them.  However, as the danger increases, their feelings rise to the surface.  They just have to decide if they should take the risk and reveal their true romantic feelings or if they should keep quiet and remain friends.  

The chemistry between Mia and Romeo is sizzling, and their spicy scenes are super swoon-worthy and filled with passion. Mia and Romeo are two people who feel they don’t deserve each other, but they can’t resist their feelings and how they feel when they are together. Fear of ruining their friendship and fear that the other doesn’t feel the same way, as well as murderous antagonists and warnings from friends, prove to be difficult obstacles for this couple, but their electric chemistry and deep feelings for each other are strong even in the midst of the chaos they face.

There’s another potential love story introduced in this book that I’m eager to see explored in future books in the series.  This bickering pair did not have the best introduction, but their chemistry is palpable.  Though they argue a lot, it feels like foreplay and only adds to the sexual tension.  Hopefully, we’ll learn more about them in the next book.  They both have complicated and painful pasts, and I’m curious to see if their chemistry is as electric as it appears. 

Something else I really love about this book and the series as a whole is the wonderful and deeply developed friendships introduced. There is a great found family in the ex-Navy Seals, and their love for each other is so evident. They work together and play together, and they are as close as friends can be. I love the comradery and hilarious banter among this group, and I also love how easily they welcome others into their fold. They are an accepting bunch, and their staunch support of and loyalty to each other have definitely helped them in some precarious situations.

Plane crashes, attempted murder, unsavory schemes, lies, betrayal, and sexy time stranded on a deserted island make for an engrossing read, and I found myself captivated by Romeo and Mia’s story. It’s a fast-paced novel with great characters, and I definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy romantic suspense. I’m so thankful to Julie Ann Walker for providing me a copy of the book.  It is an exciting and steamy contemporary romantic suspense and a great addition to the Deep Six Series, and I look forward to reading more about the Deep Six heroes.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The intrigue.
  • The amazing friendships.

Favorite Lines:

Only a fool tests the water with both feet.

You’re nothing I need, and I’m not anything you should want.

Sometimes what seemed as breakable as glass could be as strong as a diamond.

You hear the same thing enough times from enough people, and you run out of ways to deny the truth.


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