Book Review: In a New York Minute by Kate Spencer

About the Book:

Title: In a New York Minute

Author: Kate Spencer

Page Length: 304

Publication Date: March 15, 2022

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: A clever, tender, and romantic novel for readers of Christina Lauren, Jasmine Guillory, and Sophie Cousens, this laugh-out-loud debut is a perceptive reminder that fate can have a sense of humor, and that love can happen…In a New York Minute.

Franny Doyle is having the worst day. She’s been laid off from her (admittedly mediocre) job, the subway doors ripped her favorite silk dress to ruins, and now she’s flashed her unmentionables to half of lower Manhattan. On the plus side, a dashing stranger came to her rescue with his (Gucci!) suit jacket. On the not-so-plus side, he can’t get away from her fast enough.

Worse yet? Someone posted their (entirely not) meet-cute online. Suddenly Franny and her knight-in-couture, Hayes Montgomery III, are the newest social media sensation, and all of New York is shipping #SubwayQTs.

Only Franny and Hayes couldn’t be a more disastrous match. She’s fanciful, talkative, and creative. He’s serious, shy, and all about numbers. Luckily, in a city of eight million people, they never have to meet again. Yet somehow, Hayes and Franny keep running into each other—and much to their surprise, they enjoy each other’s company. A lot. But when Franny’s whole world is turned upside down (again!), can she find the courage to trust in herself and finally have the life—and love—she’s always wanted?

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My Review:

In a New York Minute is a wonderful contemporary romance that begins as Franny Doyle has the worst day of her life. Laid off from her job, Franny gets on the subway only to have her dress caught in the doors and torn. Luckily, a few passengers come to her aid, including a handsome man who offers her his coat. Soon, this meet-cute goes viral on social media, and Franny and the subway stranger are dubbed the #SubwayQTs.

Franny and Hayes reconnect on the local news, which goes disastrously. The two leave, never expecting to see each other again, but it seems like fate had other plans. Hayes and Franny keep bumping into each other, and the more time they spend together, the more they realize that lives can easily change in a New York minute.

The story is told from both Hayes and Franny’s perspectives, which I liked. You really get to understand both characters’ feelings, motivations, and struggles. Both characters are layered and dynamic, and their journeys, both individually and as a couple, are relatable and interesting. You would expect Hayes to be very self-assured, but underneath that handsome, polished exterior Hayes is awkward and self-conscious. He’s so adorkable, and he’s a genuine and good man. Franny is sweet and fun and artistic, and she has such a wonderful personality.

Franny and Hayes have the best slow-building romance. Almost every time they meet, accidents happen – the ripped dress on the subway, spilled coffee, awkward misunderstandings. It’s funny and cringe-worthy at the same time, and it’s often very endearing. Hayes often trips over himself around Franny, which is super-cute. Theirs is a perfect opposites-attract romance, and I love how well they complement each other. They have great banter, and when they connect and really start getting to know each other, they have a ton of chemistry!

In addition to the growing relationship between Franny and Hayes, there are several other relationships highlighted in the novel, including the amazing friendship between Franny, Lola, and Cleo. These women are friendship goals! They are always there for each other, whether they’re texting or hanging out, and their loyalty, support, and love for each other are fantastic. I love stories with strong women who empower each other, and that’s exactly what Chloe, Lola, and Franny do. Hayes and his best friend/work wife have a great relationship as well, and it very much parallels the bond seen in Franny, Chloe, and Lola.

The author has such a unique way of describing things, especially New York City. In one passage, there is this really amazing description of the magic of ordinary occurrences when living in the city which I thought was really powerful. It’s busy and bustling and often hectic, yet it’s also beautiful and romantic and unique, and the author captures that dichotomy really well. And there’s an epically magical date that is beyond romantic! It spotlights some amazing places in the city and further affirms the wonder of exploring a city you know and love.

I really enjoyed In a New York Minute. It is sweet and funny and romantic and a great read for people who enjoy rom-coms or contemporary romance. I like the messages of friendship, starting over, finding oneself, and taking a chance on love, and the love story is slow-building swoon-tasticness. Thanks so much to Forever Publishing, NetGalley, and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The friendships.
  • The humor.
  • The writing style.

Favorite Lines:

I should have known that when you’re working for a company that promises to “disrupt” things, they might just mean your life.

Sometimes it can feel safer to be with the wrong person than to find someone who really feels right.

Life might not be magic, but it sure was something.


This is a great book for readers who like contemporary romance or rom-coms.

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  1. Aah, this is such a great review, Julie! 😍 This was already on my radar ever since I first heard about it earlier this year but I’m even *more* keen to get my hands on it now. I love adorkable heroes and the awkwardness sounds so cute and endearing?! Haha!

  2. Wonderful review Julie. This book is on my TBR, but I will have to wait until it is published to read it. I love the sound of the characters.

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