Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2022

Hi there and happy Wednesday! Today,I have my monthly wrap-up for March. It was a super productive month, and I read a ton of awesome books. I also took my kids to New York to see a Broadway play, which was so much fun! We took a train into the city and spent the day shopping and sightseeing. We also went to The Hardrock Cafe, which the kids loved. And then, we saw the brilliant musical Wicked. I absolutely loved it.

In other musical news, I found out last week that Les Miserables is coming to my state in November, and I’ve been singing One Day More ever since. lol As many of you know, and others might have guessed from my blog name, I LOVE LES MISERABLES WITH ALL MY HEART, so I’m beyond thrilled to be able to see the musical again. This will be my sixth time seeing the show, but it’s my kids first. I can’t wait!!

Anyway, let’s check out my reading & blogging month:

I Read So Many Great Books!

A Magic Steeped in Poison, Elektra, and Heartstopper were my favorite reads this month, but I didn’t read anything under three stars. If you click on an image, it will take you to Goodreads.

I Posted 24 Book Reviews!

Other Fun Posts:

How was your month? Did you read anything fantastic? Comment below!

27 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2022

  1. March:

    1. Finished one book and started another- Half-Blood Prince finished and Deathly Hallows started
    2. Rail Trail Lights
    3. Discovered Blumenthal’s 22/23 season (Charlotte also has Les Mis- will be my 7th time, the bizarre thing about it coming in 2023 is that it is coming in my 10th year of loving that musical)

    1. Oh, that’s so exciting! We’ll have to chat about our experiences after seeing it. There are a bunch of shows coming next season that I want to see, and I’m thinking of getting season tickets for the first time. 🙂

      1. I knew Les Mis was returning in the Fall, but not expecting Charlotte to get the show in January (as it wasn’t one of the cities that had to be cut). So would have thought Charlotte would get Les Mis later in 2023

  2. SO many amazing books here!! I’m so excited to read Elektra and Magic Steeped in Poison!! So exciting about the musicals! I love going to musicals and I haven’t been to one since before Oliver was born.. so like 4 years. I would LOVE to see on in NY though. I love New York!! If I ever go back, I’ll have to let you know and maybe we can meet up!!

    1. Both of the books are fantastic!! I hadn’t been to NYC is so long, and we had such a great time. The kids were shocked at how big it was. I guess when you come from the smallest state in the US, that’s to be expected. lol OMG – that would be so fun!! I’m only a 3-4 hr train ride away from NYC – we could totally meet up! Too bad Dini didn’t live closer.

      1. HAHA! I can imagine that it would be a shocker because it’s huge and amazing!! I don’t know why but I’ve always loved it from afar. Then about 8 years ago, my husband had this crazy intense heart surgery, & the only doctor that could perform it was at Mt. Sinai! So, the first time we went to NY was for two weeks… 4 days before his surgery we did it ALL haha. We were exhausted!! the rest of the time was crazy stressful! I was taking the bus by myself and everything. We went back when I was 15 weeks pregnant for a baby moon. I had always wanted to see it at Christmas! Not the best time.. since I was exhausted all the time and my back was killing me but SO FUN! haha. I definitely want to go back when there’s nothing super stressful going on. Dini and I have talked about her coming to the States at some point. She really wants to. Then we can do a meetup of a bunch of us, when she’s here. Yes, totally will let you know when I go back! Might have to see a play on broadway… hahaha!! <3

  3. That’s a great reading month. Of your list The League of Gentlewomen Witches and Electra are on my list to get to. I read 12 books in March including two picture books.

  4. Wowow, awesome wrap up, Julie! 😍 Sounds like you’ve had quite the amazing month of reading—I see lots on here that I totally want to read as well at some point. And you always absolutely slay at posting all of the reviews—teach me your ways! 😂 I hope you have a fabulous month in April, both bookish and otherwise. I’d absolutely love to see Les Mis live one day and maybe by that point (whenever it’ll be) I’ll have read the book, haha!

    1. Hahaha- I don’t know how I do it. When the kids are at school, I have a lot of alone time, and I’d rather read and write than clean. lol I hope you get to see Les Mis some day. It’s so beautiful!!

  5. Great job in March! There are so many pretty covers on your list. 😍 I do see a few I would like to give a try as well.

  6. How exciting, Julie. I loved Wicked, but have never seen Les Mis, except the movie. You had a great reading month, I hope April is just as good.

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