Loving the Lines: 15 Favorite Quotes from A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft

Loving the Lines

Hey there! Today, I have another Loving the Lines for you! Loving the Lines is dedicated to books with stand-out quotes that need to be shared. I’m often moved by passages and lines from the books I read, and I thought this would be a great way to show the love!! Many thanks to all the wonderful writers who inspire, empower, entertain, and make people think. Today, that author and book is:

A Far Wilder Magic by Alison Saft

My next few Loving the Lines will focus on my favorite books for the first half of 2022. So, of course, I had to start with my first 5 star read of the year. A FAR WILDER MAGIC is a brilliant YA fantasy by Allison Saft, and I’ve been shouting my love for it for months now. I just adored this book, and the author’s writing style is *chef’s kiss* perfection. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite quotes!

About the Book:

Title: A Far Wilder Magic

Author: Allison Saft

Page Length: 384

Publication Date: March 8, 2022

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Synopsis: When Margaret Welty spots the legendary hala, the last living mythical creature, she knows the Halfmoon Hunt will soon follow. Whoever is able to kill the hala will earn fame and riches, and unlock an ancient magical secret. If Margaret wins the hunt, it may finally bring her mother home. While Margaret is the best sharpshooter in town, only teams of two can register, and she needs an alchemist.

Weston Winters isn’t an alchemist–yet. Fired from every apprenticeship he’s landed, his last chance hinges on Master Welty taking him in. But when Wes arrives at Welty Manor, he finds only Margaret and her bloodhound Trouble. Margaret begrudgingly allows him to stay, but on one condition: he must join the hunt with her.

Although they make an unlikely team, Wes is in awe of the girl who has endured alone on the outskirts of a town that doesn’t want her, in this creaking house of ghosts and sorrow. And even though Wes disrupts every aspect of her life, Margaret is drawn to him. He, too, knows what it’s like to be an outsider. As the hunt looms closer and tensions rise, Margaret and Wes uncover dark magic that could be the key to winning the hunt – if they survive tht long. In A Far Wilder Magic, Allison Saft has written an achingly tender love story set against a deadly hunt in an atmospheric, rich fantasy world that will sweep you away. 

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Favorite Quotes:

Bookplate by @agavnythepigeon

Better to quickly cut the throat of this fragile hope instead of letting it languish like a wolf in a snare. Margaret knows, deep as marrow, how this story ends. What happens to people who crave things beyond their reach.

Dreams don’t always have to be practical. That’s why they’re dreams.

Victory means nothing if it isn’t hard-won. The more dangerous the monster, the more glorious the hero who slays it.

No one knows how to hurt you if you always play the fool. No one can truly be disappointed in you if they don’t expect any better.

My Mood Board for AFWM

Love is not the sharp-edged thing she’s always believed it to be. It’s not like the sea, liable to slip through her fingers if she holds on too tight. It’s not a currency, something to be earned or denied or bartered for. Love can be steadfast. It can be certain and safe, or as wild as an open flame.

To help one person is to help better the entire world.

She can’t keep making coals of her anger and swallowing them whole.

Girls like her don’t get to dream. Girls like her get to survive. Most days, that’s enough. Today, she doesn’t think it is.

How many times will she watch someone leave this place and never look back, while she is left here like a ghost to haunt it?

That is the chain that binds them together. They’ve seen each other at their most vulnerable, and now they must bear each other’s burdens.

Survival means clinging to what she knows. It means fighting tooth and nail for what she has, not for what she wants. But right now, she doesn’t know what she has any more than she knows what she wants.

Art by @ekbelsher

When she looks like this, flushed and hazy and haloed by the moon, he truly can believe God exists, and her name is Margaret Welty.

Wes opens his mouth to reply, but every word he knows escapes him the moment the clouds part. The sky is impossibly bright tonight. Beneath the near-full moon, the water droplets pattering from the leaves and the ends of Margaret’s hair shine a glistering silver. Just like that, she is dripping with starlight. She’s more brilliant than he ever could’ve imagined.

There are punishments far worse than being struck. To be forsaken and unloved—that is the worst fate of all.

There is a darkness in everyone.

For so long, she has survived. Now, she wants to live.

Have you read A Far Wilder Magic? Which quote is your favorite? Comment below!

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