Book Review: Witchful Thinking by Celestine Martin

About the Book:

Title: Witchful Thinking

Author: Celestine Martin

Page Length: 352

Publication Date: Sept. 27, 2022

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: What does a witch do when life’s a bore? You wish for something more.

If wishes were fish, homebody witch Lucy Caraway could open an aquarium and gift shop. When she isn’t grading papers over homemade tea blends, Lucy’s leafing through spellbooks to protect her familial magic from complete mayhem. On the eve of her ten year high school reunion, Lucy yearns for more—the soul mate she’s searching for, the cute cottage she’s coveting, and to be the best version of herself. Fueled by nostalgia and spiced rum, Lucy casts a spell that brings trouble in the form of a big lie and reunites her with her high school crush merman Alex Dwyer.

Like all merfolk, Alex saw the world and all its splendors, destined never to make a home on land. When he’s unexpectedly given a jinxed cottage, he returns to his small hometown of Freya Grove, NJ, determined to get his life on track after a string of bitter disappointments. Alex believes a merman needs a house like a fish needs a bicycle. He plans on flipping it and getting as far away from the Grove as his tail can take him. But once he discovers that his new neighbor is the witch who got away, Alex starts to rethink his plan.

As the spell unfolds, baking disasters, flirtatious tea readings, and midnight meetups spark their decade old chemistry, Lucy and Alex wonder whether their newfound love is strong enough to outlast the fleeting power of a wish. 

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My Review:

Witchful Thinking is a second-chance contemporary romance by Celestine Martin and a fun read to end the summer. The story takes place in Freya’s Grove, a typical small town with a paranormal twist. Quaint with a strong sense of community, it’s a town where supernatural beings like witches, gnomes, and mermen are commonplace. I like that magic and supernatural beings are out in the open and just living their lives. There’s no secrecy or power struggles, and it doesn’t define the characters. I did wish that some of the magical elements and world-building were more detailed. It felt like the story just skimmed the surface and didn’t really delve into the supernatural elements. But, I kind of think that was the point. It’s not about how the magic works or how the supernatural and humans coexist. It just is.

Lucy and Alex are both layered and interesting protagonists, and the story switches between their perspectives, so you really get to understand each of them. The pair were best friends in high school but lost touch when Alex left to travel the world. Ten years later, he has returned, and they bump into each other at the annual Founder’s Day Festival. Oh, and Lucy is a witch, and Alex is a merman. That is fabulous! I don’t often see a merman protagonist, and I was here for it!

Lucy has become bored with her life. With her high school reunion coming up, Lucy yearns for some excitement and something she can feel proud of when she sees her old peers. Though she hasn’t embraced her magic since her grandmother died, Lucy makes a spell for herself and her female relatives, and she quickly realizes that all of the exaggerations she wrote about her life for the reunion start to come true. It’s an interesting concept, as I think many people can relate to feeling that kind of stagnation in their lives.

Alex goes through his own internal struggles as he confronts his desire to travel and explore the world with his need to settle down. As an award-winning photographer, he has made quite a name for himself, but he finds himself wanting for other things in his life. His family is in Freya’s Grove, and when they gift him a home, he becomes even more conflicted. I think both characters learn a lot about themselves and what they want in life.

Open your heart to the possibilities of love. There are countless reasons to walk away. Find the reasons to stay.

The second-chance romance between Lucy and Alex is lovely, though I do wish it was a bit more developed. They have a history, as they were friends in high school, and it’s pretty clear from the start that they still have feelings for each other. However, their goals are very different, and they struggle to communicate their feelings. The secondary characters were also a bit underdeveloped, but I have a feeling they’ll be more fleshed out in future books.

Overall, this was a quick and fun read with a slow-building romance and a charming setting. Some aspects of the story felt underdeveloped, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Thanks to Forever Publishing for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The setting.
  • The main characters.

Favorite Lines:

You don’t know how deep a puddle is until you step in it.

Honor the past. Protect your own. Use your power.

The problem with inheriting a home filled with so much life was that there was little room for hers.


Witchful Thinking may appeal to readers who enjoy:

  • second-chance romance
  • small town charm
  • friends-to-lovers romance
  • magic
  • strong female relationships

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