Review: Ghondatha by Emery Ayres


Title: Ghondatha Author: Emery Ayres Series: The Garden of Night Trilogy (#1) Publication Date: May 5, 2018 Synopsis: The power to love. The power to heed your own voice. The power to hope in a world of blood and shadow. Yesterday morning, most of Saphrona Melioska's family was executed. Today, at dawn, she and her brother's widow would … Continue reading Review: Ghondatha by Emery Ayres

Review: Droknina by Emery Ayres


Title: Droknina Author: Emery Ayres Series: The Garden of Night (Book 2) Synopsis: The only light than can defeat this darkness is the light you carry within you. As the consort of the Prince of the Vampiri, Saphrona resolves not to lose her identity in Gideon’s shadowy world. Though she feels ever more drawn to him and sympathizes … Continue reading Review: Droknina by Emery Ayres