Exclusive Giveaway! Wintersfall by Sarah Westill

I’m so excited to host this exclusive giveaway! Sarah Westill is offering a copy of her upcoming release of Wintersfall, the first book in the Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria. This is a great read for lovers of paranormal romance! Let’s check it out:

About the Book:

Title: Wintersfall

Author: Sarah Westill

Series: Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria

Page Length: 388

Publication Date: June 3, 2021

Synopsis: A Gen-Heir to her assassin father’s legacy, Katria Nachemir will do almost anything to find the person responsible for murdering her mother and sister. Even become an assassin herself. In exchange for a deeper investigation into their deaths, she agrees to be a member of an Intel Guardian team, despite knowing the path is the last one her father would wish her to take.

Generations of dark family history have left Sean Blackbain, Primary Guardian Wintersfall, with limited choices. Either remain in Sziveria to face the whispers, or become the leader of a team and disappear.
Three years later, a botched assignment sends the team home, and a shocking detail is revealed concerning Sean and Katria’s government contracts. They’re married. With Sean’s tainted past, and Katria’s carefully guarded family secret, neither are prepared for marriage.

Exploring the murders of Katria’s family proves to be dangerous, and Sean realizes he’ll do anything to keep his wife safe. As they work together to discover the intricate lengths an unknown enemy has gone to keep the truth hidden, the passion they denied for so long begins to boil over. The bonds of their relationship are tested as the professional lines engrained between them blur.

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About the World:

In the distant future, a major cataclysmic event not only reshaped the world as humanity knew it, but left entire lands uninhabitable. As generations of survivors struggled to endure a fight for territory and resources, humanity regressed into what became known as The Primal Years. A dark and dangerous time that lasted for centuries.

Slowly, civilizations formed in the new nations. Limited means of transportation and communication began to develop in a resource-poor world. Powerful countries arose known as Sziveria, Ruthenia, Italyssa, Westica, and Cairo. New cultures, with their own standards of honor, became global powerhouses.

By 830 PCE, strong talents are now inherited traits, passed down through genetics. The recipients of an unavoidable hereditary legacy are known as Gen-Heirs. Trains, ships, carriages and if one can afford them, small magnetically powered vehicles move people. Radios are the only means of quick communication besides handwritten messages. Heated water is a luxury. Extreme drops in temperature and harsh arctic winds have forced most food growth indoors, in greenhouses. A dangerously lethal virus known as Human Rabies Syndrome (HRS) plagues the globe. The inhabited world is growing at a slow rate, each unique country striving to exist in harsher, cold climates, and those who survive have become ruthless in their quest to thrive in this new, forsaken world…

About the Author:

SARAH WESTILL lives in Alabama with her US Army-retired husband. They have two sons – one they’ve successfully raised to adulthood – the other is still a work-in-progress, navigating middle school.

As a full-on creative, Sarah lives to write, paint, teach, and meet amazing people while doing portrait photography.

A veteran in the publishing industry working as a cover artist under the name Elaina Lee, she has been blessed to help hundreds of authors to achieve their own publishing goals for over a decade.

To learn more about Sarah as she blogs her
adventures, and about her Guardians, please visit her at sarahwestill.com


Enter here to win a copy of Wintersfall!! Giveaway ends on June 7th.

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