Loving the Lines: Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles

Hey there! Today, I have another Loving the Lines for you! Loving the Lines is dedicated to books with stand-out quotes that need to be shared. I’m often moved by passages and lines from the books I read, and I thought this would be a great way to show the love!! Many thanks to all the wonderful writers who inspire, empower, entertain, and make people think. Today, that author and book is: 

Janella Angeles – Where Dreams Descend

I just received an advanced copy of When Night Breaks, the second book in the Kingdom of Cards series, and I’m loving it. Before I started reading, I went back and read Where Dreams Descend and found so many wonderful lines that I just had to make a post about them. Let’s check out the book and some of my favorite lines!

About the Book:

Title: Where Dreams Descend

Author: Janella Angeles

Series: Kingdom of Cards

Page Length: 464

Publication Date: Aug. 25, 2020

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Synopsis: In a city covered in ice and ruin, a group of magicians face off in a daring game of magical feats to find the next headliner of the Conquering Circus, only to find themselves under the threat of an unseen danger striking behind the scenes.

As each act becomes more and more risky and the number of missing magicians piles up, three are forced to reckon with their secrets before the darkness comes for them next.

The Star: Kallia, a powerful showgirl out to prove she’s the best no matter the cost

The Master: Jack, the enigmatic keeper of the club, and more than one lie told

The Magician: Demarco, the brooding judge with a dark past he can no longer hide.

Where Dreams Descend is the startling and romantic first book in Janella Angeles’ debut Kingdom of Cards fantasy duology where magic is both celebrated and feared, and no heart is left unscathed.

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Favorite Lines:

The more others try to extinguish a flame, the greater its power must be. Why else destroy light if not envious of its radiance?

The worse damage is done off-stage when you try to smother out potential. When you blow out the candle before people in the room can glean its light.

Giving up would be an insult to everything I know I’m capable of. Anything that left scars came from hurt. Only now was she realizing the scars she bore and had trained herself not to see.

She was one frayed tie that refuse to be cut.

A cage…Not a home. A gilded place of false friends and stolen time. Any lingering fondness felt fabricated, syrupy-sweet taste she tried ridding from her tongue, for none of it had been real.

I didn’t throw you in a cage. You walked right inside and turned the lock.

How wonderful it must’ve been, to come into this life with the searing blaze of choice…It was only too easy to imagine how such a life might’ve changed her. To have had the power of choice over the glory of power.”

He’d known a thing or two about putting up bold front, how well they could hide what you wished others could not see.

Friend always seemed too simple a word for what he was to her.

It was the people without magic who were most fascinated by the systems for monitoring those in possession of it.

Everything is war on a stage many people want to claim.

Beware the wrath of old dogs.

Have you read Where Dreams Descend? Which line is your favorite? Comment below!

7 thoughts on “Loving the Lines: Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles

  1. Love when you do these posts! I can’t choose a favorite. You really have me wanting to pick up the second book now. It’s been a while since I’ve read this one.

    1. Thank you! I just finished the second book – it was different from what I expected. I still have to write a review, but my thoughts are a bit jumbled on this one. lol

  2. I wrote down a lot of quotes from this book too! There are so many good ones.

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