Happy Release Day to The Rose and the Claw by Nancy O’Toole!

Happy Wednesday, and a very happy book birthday to Nancy O’Toole’s novella The Rose and the Claw. This is a wonderful Beauty and the Beast retelling that I highly recommend! Let’s check it out!

About the Book:

Title: The Rose and the Claw

Author: Nancy O’Toole

Series: The Twin Kingdoms #1

Page Length: 140

Publication Date: Aug. 2, 2021

Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing

Synopsis: A woman on a mission…

Rose Gardner never thought she’d leave the small town of West Ridge. But when her husband dies at war, she must return his arms to his place of birth to set his spirit to rest. After traveling into enemy territory, Rose falls into a trap. Held captive in an enchanted manor, she finds herself face to face with a beast who is equally horrifying and kind. Will she manage to complete her quest or be pulled in by the secrets of the manor?

A man haunted by his past…

Trapped within his own home and in the body of a hideous beast, Kris never wanted to share his prison with another. As much as Rose may draw him in with her beauty and stubborn strength, he knows she must escape before the next full moon. After all, he remembers all too well what happened to the previous caretaker.

The dead won’t let him forget the blood on his hands.

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About the Author:

Nancy O’Toole is an author of superhero fiction and fairy tale retellings. Her body of work includes The Red and Black Series, and The Twin Kingdoms series. She is the co-host of One for All: A My Hero Academia Podcast. When not writing, or working as a librarian in Central Maine, she spends her time reading, playing video games, watching kdramas, and taking far too many pictures of her cat, Coraline.

For regular updates, head over to the blog. She also can be found on Twitter and Instagram. If you’d like to be one of the first ones to find out about her books and other projects, then sign up for the monthly newsletter.

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