Happy Release Day to A Dance with Magic by Nancy O’Toole!

Happy Wednesday and a very happy book birthday to A Dance with Magic by Nancy O’Toole. This is the amazing second book in The Twin Kingdoms series, and it’s a unique spin on the Twelve Dancing Princesses. Let’s check it out!

About the Book:

Title: A Dance With Magic

Author: Nancy O’Toole

Series: The Twin Kindgoms #2

Page Length: 136

Publication Date: Oct. 6, 2021

Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing

Synopsis: The chance for freedom

Rebecca has lived a life of restrictions. Once a scared princess, ruthlessly controlled by her older brother, she now finds herself inheriting a kingdom that never expected to have a queen. Facing the possibility of engagement to a man she cannot stand, Rebecca takes her first chance of freedom: an enchanted masquerade located beneath a trap door.

The loyal soldier

Zahir has lived a life of loss. A peerless swordsman and trained fighter, he once fought for his country. Now he only raises his blade in defense of one: his queen and dearest friend, Rebecca. But secretly, his feelings expand beyond friendship. It will take all of Zahir’s skill to protect Rebecca from the true purpose of the masquerade, a force more sinister and older than either of them expect.

Or may be able to survive.

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Want to learn more about the series? Check out my review of the first book:


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