Cover Reveal: Blood Sanctuary Part Two by Vela Roth

I’m so excited to have the cover real today for Blood Sanctuary Part Two!! This is the fourth book in the Blood Grace series, and it is gorgeous. I love the subtle changes from the third book cover to this one, as well as the vibrant colors. Let’s check it out!

About the Book:

When an ancient evil rises, can they save the peace talks and their love?

Lio and Cassia spend their nights in each other’s arms, but sit on opposite sides of the negotiation table. Their clandestine partnership has brought his immortal kin and her fellow humans close to a treaty after generations of violence. Lives hang in the balance. Failure means war. Peace would bring the future they hope for, when their love will no longer be forbidden.  

Just when success is within reach, they realize their plan has played into the enemy’s hands. A threat lurks within the delegation, an old nemesis with magic unlike any they have ever faced. Together, are they strong enough to stop the destruction of everything they love?  

Steamy romance meets classic fantasy worldbuilding in Blood Grace, now in a new edition with a map and glossary. Follow fated mates Lio and Cassia through their epic love story for a guaranteed series HEA.

Perfect for fans of :

  • Epic Fantasy
  • Forbidden Romance 
  • ️Vampires 
  • ️Fated Mates 

Preorder Now! And, if you’re new to the world of Hesperines, start with Blood Mercy today!

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