Book Haul: May 2022

Happy June! May went by in a blur, and it was a great month of reading and book hauling! 2022 has been such a great year of reading, and I’m so excited to read the books I received in May. Let’s check them out! Also, if you’re interested in a particular book, just click on it and you’ll be taken to Goodreads.

ebooks from NetGalley:

I’ve been trying so hard not to request as much on NetGalley until I catch up a bit, but I don’t have a lot of self control. lol So, I was approved for 12 books this month, which is considerably less than usual. So far, I’ve read four of these and enjoyed them!

eBooks from the Author:

Special thanks to Nicole Bailey and Emily Windsor for sending me copies of their books. I loved A Crown of Hopes and Sorrows, and I’ just started A Governess Should Never Tempt a Prizefighter.

Book Mail:

I received so many great books in the mail this month!


I preordered The War of wo Queens months ago, and my copy finally arrived! I can’t wait to start this one.

Did you haul any good books this month?

10 thoughts on “Book Haul: May 2022

  1. Oh I’m jealous you got approved for For the Love of the Bard! I requested it, but got declined. I hope to see a review from you soon!!

  2. I’m excited for Witchful Thinking and Something in the Heir too! 😃 I’m reading War of Two Queens with Leslie and Maya right now and…it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten pretty much all of it? 😂 Oops, haha. I hope you enjoy all of these reads whenever you get to them, Julie!

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