Book Haul: February 2023

Book Haul

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve come to realize something – I have a hard time saying no when it comes to books. This was especially true in February. Though it was a short (and super fast) month, I added a bunch of books to my never-ending pile. lol I just couldn’t resist! The next few months have a ton of amazing-sounding releases, and I have absolutely no shelf control. Let’s take a peek at February’s haul:


21 books isn’t a lot, right? Of the 21 ebooks I hauled, I’ve read 7, so I have a lot of reading ahead of me. The hardest part will be deciding which one to read first because they all sound so good!

Book Mail:

I received some amazing book mail too. So far, I’ve read Strange Arithmetic and Sweet Pea Summer and enjoyed them both! I plan to read the others this month.


So, Book Outlet had a bunch of books on my radar this month. And since I’m so book deprived (haha), I had to get them, right? I’ve only read 2 of these, but they all look great on my bookshelves.

How was your February? Did you haul or read any good books? Comment below!

12 thoughts on “Book Haul: February 2023

  1. Holy Wow, my friend! How on earth do you have so much time for all the arcs. I’m so jealous! <3 Ughhh Book Outlet has been killing me with the deals lately. I need all the books I want to come back in stock tho. I can't seem to catch them all together without one or two going out of stock. hahaha! Also, Tessa just informed me last week that the cover of Anatomy and Immortality are girls in DRESSES! I thought it was the actual anatomy. haha!

    1. Leslieeeeee, I have no self control!!! lol I have no idea how I’m going to read them all, especially with the new job, but I’ll make it work somehow. lol Wait, they’re dresses? What?!? Mind officially blown!

      1. hahaha! I wondered with the new job how you would get so many arcs in!! You pump them out like crazy and I’m sure you got this!!! YES!!! I seriously couldn’t believe it. My mind was blown for a whole week. haha

  2. Wowow, what an amaaazing haul! I’m in love with all those histrom covers 😍 They are giving me life, haha! After reading your review of Kate Golden’s book, I’ve just picked up the first one and started it about an hour ago. I can’t wait to see where it goes! There are so many others on here that I can’t wait to read. I’m also hoping to pick up New Syrian Girl soon. I hope you enjoy all these books, Julie!

  3. I’m so with you on not being able to say no to a book that sounds good no matter how big my pile is. I have more books for March than I can read and it’s killing me. They all sound so good!

  4. Great haul, Julie. I also have no willpower when it comes to books. I think you did fine, you read a lot so will have them finished in no time, I’m sure. Enjoy them all!

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