Book Haul: April 2023

Book Haul

Today, I’m super excited to share my book haul for April with you. One of my goals this year was to cut down on the number of books I request on NetGalley. Well, I failed that resolution, and I have no regrets. lol I received so many amazing-sounding books, and I’ve loved the ones I’ve already read. Let’s check them out!

NetGalley, Publisher, and Author eArcs:

Of the 15 books I received, I’ve read 4 – Songs of Sacrament, A Bargain with a Beast, Two Scandals and a Scot, and To Swoon and to Spar. I’m also halfway through Her Unforgettable Knight and am loving it! Definitely have some reading to do in May! lol

Book Mail:

I received some amazing book mail this month! So far, I’ve read 5 of the 9 books, and the others are on my TBR for May. The Viscount’s Daring Miss, Perfect Melody Silenced, and Clytemnestra were all 5 star reads, and Famous for a Living and More Than a Silly Crush were 4 and 4.5 stars.


I really need to stay away from Book Outlet because I can’t resist a good sale. lol The only one I’ve read so far is Crumbs.

How was your April? Did you haul any good books? Comment below!

24 thoughts on “Book Haul: April 2023

  1. Hahahaha I also intended to cut down on my NG requests, but how can we be expected to stick to it when they release so many amazing titles! I’ve also managed to snag Hurricane Wars & I’m really excited to pick it up. I hope you end up loving all these 😀

  2. Champion of Fate looks interesting indeed…I hadn’t stumbled across it until now. Hmm. I’m definitely interested in Hurricane Wars, but it’s looking very likely it’ll be in one of my book subs (actually, it might be confirmed?), so I’ll hold back on requesting that one. Lots of good stuff here as usual!

  3. What an amazing haul! I ended up buying *a lot* of books in April cos I went hard on that retail therapy, lol 😂 No regrets! I hope you enjoy the ones you haven’t read yet!

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