The Spring Cleaning Book Tag – 2023

Happy Saturday! This is the first sunny Saturday we’ve had in a while, so I’m spending some time outside in the garden doing a little Spring cleaning. What better day to also do The Spring Cleaning Book Tag? The creator of the Spring Cleaning Book Tag is Amanda @ Between the Shelves, and I was tagged by the amazing Dini @ Dini Panda Reads!

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1. Getting Started: A book series you’ve been wanting to read

I have so many series on my TBR, I don’t even know where to begin for this prompt. lol I own copies of Kingdom of the Wicked and Shatter Me, and I’d really like to get to them this year. They’ve been on my TBR for sooo long! My most recent addition is The Serpent and the Wings of Night. It sounds like a fantastic series!

2. Cleaning/Organizing the Closet: The best way to organize books

Well, I have several bookcases, and they’re separated by genre and organized alphabetically by the author’s last name. So, the huge bookcase in my office is for fantasy, and another is all historical romance. In my living room, I have literary fiction and non-fiction organized by genre and then alphabetically by the author’s last name.

But. I really love the look of organizing books by color, so I have one bookshelf in my living room that looks like a rainbow of books. It’s all contemporary romance and rom-coms. Aesthetically, it’s definitely my favorite.

3. Getting rid of unnecessary things: Books/series you no longer need

Hmmmm, another toughie! I guess I’d say the Harry Potter series. I love it, but I no longer need it, especially after some of the hateful rhetoric by the author.

4. Get Some Air: Your favorite light-hearted read

Part of Your World and All Fired Up were 2022 reads that had me laughing out loud. I wouldn’t say they are super light-hearted, as there are some more serious moments in both stories, but they are so many fun and witty parts in each, and I loved them both enough to want to read them again.

5. Clean out the kitchen cupboards: Favourite food-themed read

I just finished Summer Reading, and the protagonist is a chef. It has a lot of delicious-sounding food! For Butter or Worse is another good one!

6. Dust the shelves: What’s the fifth book on your bookshelf?

I love Mary Kay Andrews and have 10 or 12 of her books on my shelves. The Homewreckers is one of her more recent releases, and it’s one of my favorites by her.

7. Wishing for the end: A 2023 release you’re really excited about

I need all of these in my life ASAP! lol I’ve already preordered Foul Heart Huntsman and plan on getting the other two as well.

8. Long but satisfying: The longest book series you’ve read.

Hmmmm. I never really thought about this. Looking at my Goodreads, I would say probably the Argeneau series by Linsay Sands or the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon, but if we go back to my childhood, I’d say the Sweet Valley High series. I read so many of those when I was younger. lol

I’m not going to tag anyone today, but if you think this looks like fun, I’d love to see your answers!

6 thoughts on “The Spring Cleaning Book Tag – 2023

  1. Most likely, wouldn’t want to give up my Harry Potter series- the way it looks when you line them up in order is why (it forms the castle). As a matter of fact, in order to reread the series, I had to ask for my own set- a result of my sister not allowing me to use her set

  2. I am looking forward to all three of those too! Also, I agree with HP too. I am still unsure about what I want to do with it and if I want to introduce it to my boys. I’m sure they would find out about it anyways since Ollie is already a huge reader.

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