Book Haul: May 2023

Book Haul

And just like that, it’s June! May was such a busy month, and June promises to be even busier. But you know me. I always have time to squeeze in some reading. At the start of the year, I resolved to request fewer books on NetGalley, but i have failed completely in this goal. lol I have no regrets, as I’ve hauled so many fantastic books this year. May was no exception. Let’s check out the books I received and bought!

If you click on any of the books, it’ll take you to Goodreads so you can learn more about it.


Thanks to NetGalley, authors, and so many amazing publishers, I got 12 ebooks in May. So far, I’ve read 7 of the 12 books.

Book Mail:

May was the month of book mail! I received so many fantastic books from publishers and authors, and I’ve already read 6 of the 15.


Book Outlet is too tempting for me, and I always end up finding a few books I just have to have. lol I’ve read 3 of these.

And that’s my haul for the month! How was your May? Did you manage to haul any good books? Did we get any of the same? Comment below!

22 thoughts on “Book Haul: May 2023

  1. I have The Phoenix King, Sinner’s Isle, and House of Marionne too!

      1. Haha yes, The Hurricane Wars! I was going to dm you on Twitter about it but forgot. 😂 Let’s add Sinner’s Isle and House of Marionne to the list! We can figure out a schedule for them on Twitter lol.

          1. Well- I already learned to love one Patti Callahan book (Becoming Mrs. Lewis). That does help- before reading that new book, first “Once Upon a Wardrobe” will be read (makes more sense)

            As for the other- it is dealing with a part of the world I have always been fascinated with. Due to loving Spanish, I learned to be interested in The Camino de Santiago (so, most likely will like that book)

  2. Such a great haul! I went overboard on Book Outlet too… I’m still getting my haul post together, but it’s my biggest one ever. I’m out of shelf space and even filled up a new TBR cart. I have a serious problem. 😆

  3. Wow, awesome haul, Julie. I have a few of these on my shelves as well, but lots more to check out. Enjoy them all!

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