Review: The Demon’s Possession by Kiersten Fay

Title: The Demon’s Possession

Author: Kiersten Fay

Series: Shadow Quest (Book 1)

Page Length: 352

Synopsis: As captain of the merchant ship Marada, Sebastian has only one goal: keep his family and his crew safe while they deliver a curious parcel to a ruthless pirate. But when a bewitching young woman mysteriously appears on his ship, he finds it impossible to focus on the job…and to keep his hands off her.

Analia has known only one life: enslavement. In a bid for freedom, she escapes onto a craft led by a fearsome demon captain. If she is to maintain her freedom, she must gain Sebastian’s trust while concealing her true nature.

Together they contend with the hazards of open space, but what no one knows is her secrets are more dangerous than anything they have encountered before.

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My Review:

The Demon’s Possession is the first book in the Shadow Quest series. This spicy sci-fi romance focuses on the relationship between Analia and Sebastian. Analia, captured when she was a young child, lived in captivity and was abused, used, and tortured. It wasn’t until she escaped onto Sebastian’s ship that she felt free. Unfortunately, her captor is relentless in his pursuit of Analia.

As Sebastian falls for the kind-hearted and trusting stowaway, he realizes he will not rest until Analia is safe. This includes protecting her as well as teaching her to protect herself. I love this! He is more concerned about her ability to protect herself than he is his own alpha-male tendencies.

Underneath his gruff, bad-ass exterior, Sebastian is strong, caring, gentle, and selfless. Analia uses her time on the ship, with Sebastian’s encouragement and guidance, learning how to defend and provide for herself. They both still see the good in others, and they both value friendship and love even as they fear it.

The other characters in the book are also well developed and dynamic. My favorites are Sebastian’s effervescent and sometimes snarky sister and his cook/best friend. Sonya is a tremendous support to her brothers and to Anya, and her selfless yet no-nonsense attitude is a delightfully amusing combination. Other crew members, the antagonists, and even the minor characters have defined and realistic personalities, despite the fact that they are from a variety of different planets.

Let’s talk about my favorite part – the romance! The chemistry between Sebastian and Analia is palpable. Initially, both characters seem reluctant to give themselves wholly to another. Their past experiences have wounded them deeply as Sebastian and his siblings were betrayed by their mother, and Analia is a victim of abuse. What I like is that they help each other heal. Their connection is much deeper than just simple attraction and has the potential to be a great and long-lasting love. Plus, their romance is steamy! It’s a sweet and spicy build-up of explosively sexy and sensual fantastic-ness!

In addition to the likable characters and sexy romance, the plot-line is intriguing. Sebastian is transporting a mysterious package to a ruthless pirate. His entire ship is protected, but no one can leave until the package is delivered. When the ship is under attack, Analia fears she must reveal a secret that could change everything. This aspect of the story, as well as Analia’s search to find the truth about her past is fascinating.

This is an engaging read with interesting characters and a well-paced plot. Thanks so much to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance, of course! 😉 Sebastian and Analia have got it going on!
  • The mystery of Analia’s past. This is a unique and interesting twist that I didn’t expect.


I recommend this to readers who enjoy steamy sci-fi romance novels with sexy alpha-males and a bit of intrigue.

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