Can’t Wait Wednesday: Between Savage Tides by Anela Deen

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme to spotlight a future release that you’re excited about. It’s hosted by Wishful Endings and was previously hosted by Breaking the Spine.

This week’s anticipated book is:

Between Savage Tides by Anela Deen

Series: The Bitter Sea (Book 2)

Publication Date: Fall 2020

Publisher: Fine Fables Press

Synopsis: Captured by sirens, Jurek struggles to save his fellow prisoners before they’re devoured. He has little time. His memory is vanishing from his mind, a poisonous effect of the magic that saved his life. With a past steeped in tragedy, it should feel like a blessing. Instead, it’s a curse unraveling everything he is. When he strikes a bargain with the sirens – three impossible tasks in exchange for everyone’s freedom – help comes from someone he least expects and whose motives he doesn’t dare trust.

Ava, youngest of the billow maidens, has become an unwitting traitor in a war between the gods. Her sisters want her to pledge fealty to the ruinous Eldingar. Her brother, the Guardian of the Fathoms, wants her to act as his spy. And then there’s Captain Jurek, a landweller whose fierce heart and haunted blue eyes mean more to her than they should. He doesn’t trust her, but without her help he won’t survive. As the old gods make their move against the world that betrayed them, Ava must determine whose side she’s on. But no matter what she chooses, it’ll mean death for someone she loves.

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I absolutely adored Between Cruel Fathoms, the first book in this series, and I can’t wait to read this one. Have you read this series? Which books are you looking forward to? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Can’t Wait Wednesday: Between Savage Tides by Anela Deen

  1. Just finished the first book and CANNOT wait to dive into the next one (sorry for the pun there). I am a bit sad that this second book is not going to follow Leonel and Issy, but Jurek and Ava have an interesting plot line for sure. And I am hopeful we will return to Leonel and Issy at some point, because their story cannot be over yet, right? I just refuse to believe that. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE. Also (and this might be spoilery and speculative right now): did anyone else get the hint who Leonel’s father might be? The myserious Captain of ‘The Leonel’ Lady Katrin mentioned and the one she mistook Leonel for in the first place? …just sayin’…

    1. I think Beneath Savage Tides is being released in November. I can’t wait! I love the author’s writing style, and Leonel and Issy’s love story was positively swoon-worthy! I don’t think Leonel and Issy’s story is over either! Or at least, I hope not. And I’m thinking the same thing about Leonel’s father. Totally makes sense! 🙂

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