Kristen Brand’s Urban Fantasy Giveaway!

Don’t forget to enter the Dark & Otherworldly Giveaway! The winner receives Poison and Honey as well as an ARC of Sting of Thorns!!!

One Book More

I am so excited to host Kristen Brand’s Urban Fantasy Giveaway featuring the first two books in the Dark and Otherworldly Series! Dark and Otherworldly is one of my favorite series of 2020, and I highly recommend it to readers who like urban fantasy with a strong female protagonist and a swoon-worthy romance!

Click here or any of the images below to enter the giveaway!

About the Books

Poison and Honey: Leigh Morgan has known that magic existed ever since an unearthly monster abducted her sister. It’s why she’s in Otherworld now, posing as a servant in its dark, decadent palace. She’s gathering intelligence and working with a small band of allies to bring down the Others and free their human captives. Her mission depends on blending in, so the last thing she wants is to attract the attention of a cunning prince.

Dredarion Rath wants one thing: to disgrace…

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5 thoughts on “Kristen Brand’s Urban Fantasy Giveaway!

  1. I noticed the blog link in the giveaway was not correct. I know what it is like trying to get everything done, so I emailed the author about it. FYI, you anyone else that tries to enter via blog follow, the correct URL is “”, not “”.

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