Six for Sunday: Clever Characters

Hey there! This week I’m participating in Six for Sunday, a meme hosted by Steph at A Little But a Lot. This week’s topic is: 

Clever Characters

1. Eva – The Book of Lost Names

During World War II, Eva joins the resistance and forges documents to help children flee Nazi occupied Germany while still fining a way to preserve their real names. She is so brave and super clever and heroic!

2. Beetee – The Hunger Games Series

Beetee is from Dictrict 3 and is considered one of the brightest minds in all of Panem. He first appears in Catching Fire and is also in Mockingjay. Beetee is super intelligent and comes up with a lot of clever devices and ideas.

3. Nancy Drew from Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

Nancy Drew is intelligent, clever, and a great mystery-solver. Plus, she always got entangled in some pretty serious situations, yet kept a cool head. I enjoyed her curious nature and how she always figured out even the most challenging mysteries.

4. Cecelia Teague – All Scot and Bothered

I love Cecelia! She is smart, determined, and often underestimated. Her optimism and zest for life are fantastic, as is her cleverness. She is a quick-witted mathematician who uses her intellect to solve crimes, decode mysterious books, and help people in need.

5. Edith Graham – Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook

After World War II, Edith works for the government as a spy. She pretends to be a cookbook author for a popular magazine, and she embeds military intelligence within her recipes. She knew they would go unnoticed because, being a woman and a cook boook author, she was underestimated. Pretty clever!

6. Kaz Brekker – Six of Crows

Kaz is the mastermind behind an amazingly complex and clever heist, which is the focus of Six of Crows. Kaz is one of the most clever and complicated characters I’ve read about in recent years.

19 thoughts on “Six for Sunday: Clever Characters

  1. The Book of Lost Names is on the very top of my tbr. I’ve came across it a couple weeks ago and ever since have been waiting not so patiently for my copy. Also the reviews have been AMAZING so far!!!

    ~ Corina | The Brown Eyed Bookworm

    1. Perfect! 🙂 I grabbed a few from authors you recommended too! Shoot the Messenger, Betrayal, and Hidden Blade by Pippa DaCosta, & Claimed by Power and Crave to Conquer by Zoey Ellis. 🙂

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