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Happy Saturday! I’m excited to do the This or That tag today and thank Jenna @ Westveil Publishing for tagging me! This tag was created by Tea and Paperbacks and looks like a lot of fun, so let’s get started!


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Reading on the couch or on the bed?

Bed. I read on both, but I really love to read in my comfy bed. It’s so snuggly and warm! I read in bed every night for at least a couple of hours after everyone else has gone to bed, so bed is definitely the winner!

Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

Either. Both! I guess it depends on my mood and what I’m craving, but I’m going to go with sweets for this one. A nice bar of chocolate or some M&Ms. Yummy!

Trilogies or Quartets?

I’m going with trilogies. I’ve read more trilogies than quartets and tend to enjoy them. Some of my favorite series, like The Hunger Games, are trilogies. However, quartets are good too! I just finished a quartet by Ana Huang that I adored. I think I prefer both to a duology.

First person or third person POV?

I feel like I prefer third person, though I’m not averse to reading first person. Generally, I feel third person narration is more immersive and easier to fall into. As long as it’s not second person, I’m good.

Night or Morning reader?

Night. I’m a total night owl. It’s the only time of the day that I have uninterrupted time to myself, and I usually use it to read. Plus, in the morning, my kids often need help with distance learning, so I rarely have a chance to read early in the day.

Libraries or bookstores?

I love them both, but bookstores have books and bookish merch, so I’ll go with bookstores. That way I can buy a bookmark, journal, or something else book related and fantastic!!

Black or White book covers?

I don’t really have a preference, but I own more black covers than white.

Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

Laugh. I’m all about the HEA. I try to avoid books that are going to emotionally devastate me. lol I taught The Crucible and Of Mice and Men more times than I can count, and I cried almost every time I taught them. What can I say? I’m sensitive! Give me a happily-ever-after ending every time!

Character driven or plot driven?

This is an interesting question. I like a well-balanced book whose characters and plot both captivate. However, I don’t enjoy stories that lack character-development, so I’ll go with character driven.

That was tougher than I thought! I’m a bit indecisive, so it was hard to take a definitive stance. How about you? How would you answer these questions? Fell free to do the tag or comment below!! 🙂

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  1. Great answers! I feel like there are a lot more black covers than white. I know I have a lot of black covers too.

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