Review: The Virgin Hunt Games by Mel Teshco

Title: The Virgin Hunt Games

Author: Mel Teshco

Page Length: 274

Publication Date: March 18, 2019

Publisher: Entangled: Scorched

Synopsis: EARTH, YEAR 2324

Melody Simmons desperately needs to fill her bank accounts with credits that could help her family climb out of near poverty. And in the Virgin Hunt Games, that means enticing as many hunters as possible to bed her. The downside? Billions of viewers from all parts of the galaxy would be watching her fall from virtue with avid interest.

Alien Damon Banscott despises everything about the Virgin Hunt Games. Except the fact he can now legally destroy his enemy in the games. He is in this only for revenge. Then Damon sees one of the beautiful hunted and, for a moment, his heart stops beating. He’ll fight to the death before allowing another hunter to touch and deflower Melody.

But while the hunters get more credits by pleasing their captive mate sexually, the hunted women received more by finding their pleasure with any of the hunters who weren’t their assigned mate.

The hunt is on…

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My Review:

The Virgin Hunt Game reminded me of an alien Hunger Games with sex.  A steamy, erotic novel, the story follows Melody, a virgin who enters the game to get money for her family.  Damon is an alien prince who enters the game seeking revenge on another male participant and falls in love with Melody. Melody knows that the more sex and orgasms she has, the more money she wins. However, will her feelings for Damon stop her from winning the game? Other obstacles and contestant impede Melody and Damon’s success, and they must work together to survive the Virgin Hunt Games.

The instant connection between Melody and Damon is steamy, as are their intimate scenes.  The kinkier the sex, the more points Melody receives in the game, and she is pretty willing to do whatever she must to win the game and get money to her family.  Damon is intent on revenge and isn’t prepared for the instant-love he feels for Melody. 

I liked the setting of the games, which is a multi-level structure with different themes, obstacles, and dangers on each floor. The contestants must survive (and have as much sex as possible) for the seven-day game, and each day is filled with non-stop threats. The animals, contestants, and setting are unique and vividly described. I did wish there were a bit more development in terms of the plot and character, especially in regards to Damon, Melody, and the friends they make in the games. That being said, it is a creative and quick read with a lot of action, good imagery, and vivid sex scenes.

I think people who enjoy erotic sci-fi romance with a variety of characters and some spicy sex scenes will enjoy this story. However, abuse, potential sexual assault, sexual threats, manipulation, and violence might trigger some readers.  Thanks to Entangled: Scorched and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Part:

  • The insta-love romance. Damon and Melody have a lot of chemistry!


Readers who like erotic sci-fi romance might enjoy this story. Trigger warnings: abuse, potential sexual assault, sexual threats, manipulation, and violence are abundant in this story.

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