ARC Review: Stable Weight by Lisa Whalen

About the Book:

Title: Stable Weight

Author: Lisa Whalen

Page Length: 274

Publication Date: March 2, 2021

Publisher: Hopewell Publications

Synopsis: A lifetime of trying to be perfect lands Lisa Whalen in the psych ward at age 29. Eating-disorder treatment sets her on a path toward health, but her progress stalls until she meets 10 special horses. They teach her to face her fears, trust her intuition, live in the moment, and love her body. A story of resilience, empowerment, and the transformative power of human-animal bonds, Stable Weight illustrates that what matters isn’t whether we fall, but that we rise.

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My Review:

Though I’ve never ridden a horse and have little equestrian knowledge, I found Lisa Whalen’s book powerful, inspiring, and relatable. The memoir, which is broken into three sections – Falling, Impact, and On Course, focuses on the lessons she learned from the ten horses she rode and how those lessons changed her life. Throughout the memoir, Whalen examines her life experiences, her equestrian training, and how they relate to her mental health and her eating disorder.

I love how the author learns from nature, animals, literature, and her past, and she reflects on these topics to understand and grow. Whalen primarily focuses on animal therapy, more specifically horse therapy, and the positive effect it had on her. The way that she takes what she learned in her lessons and applies it to other aspects of her life is wonderful. A reflective practitioner, Whalen is honest and insightful, showing both vulnerability and strength throughout her life as she battled an eating disorder.

The relationship between highly-sensitive people, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders that Whalen describes throughout the memoir fascinated me. As a highly-sensitive person with depression and anxiety, I related to many of Whalen’s feelings and experiences. For example, she talks of crying non-stop as a baby and how it relates to being highly-sensitive. When I was a baby, I cried non-stop too. It became a joke in my family because I was “always a crier.” I found that stories like this made me more aware of my own mental health journey and how events from as early as infancy are part of that journey.

Whalen also addresses not being taken seriously when discussing her mental health issues with a doctor. I’ve experienced that as well, and I’m sure many others have similar stories. I like that there are so many relatable anecdotes throughout the book. Whalen explores the devastation of a failed relationship, the anxieties when going to school and teaching, and many more life experiences that I think readers will relate to and appreciate.

This is a poignant, honest, and reflective memoir that I found inspiring. Readers who are interested in well-written, thought-provoking, and personal stories will benefit from Stable Weight. Thanks so much to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Lines:

I learned that flawed authenticity outranked false perfection.

Riding had pulled my self’s shards together and reset them. It continued healing me every day.

Slow down. Live in the moment. Stop anticipating and rushing toward the next.


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