Top 10 Tuesday: Characters Whose Jobs I Wish I Had

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This week’s topic is:

Characters Whose Jobs I Wish I Had

This is such a fun topic, and though I have absolutely no desire to have a job, there are a bunch of characters in recent reads whose jobs intrigue me. I focused on sci-fi and fantasy novels for this post and included links to Goodreads. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular book, just click on the title!

1. Alina Starkov – Shadow and Bone

Before she was the Sun Summoner, Alina was a cartographer’s assistant. Mapmaking sounds like such an interesting job, and I think it would be fascinating to learn! I don’t know that I’d want to be a Sun Summoner even though Alina’s powers are amazing. I dislike the sun, and it makes me physically ill, so I’d stick to cartography. She does most of her work in a tent, so no worries about the bright, hot sun in there.

2. Bryce Quinlan – House of Earth and Blood

Bryce’s job seems really cool. She is an assistant at Griffin Antiquities and often deals with magical artifacts. Though her boss is difficult (to say the least) and demanding, at times, working at a place like this would be so exciting! I feel like every day would be a new experience, and I’d get to see a lot of wonderful items.

3. Kallia – Where Dreams Descend

Kallia is a magician, but she’s no ordinary magician. Kallia has special powers, so her magical acts are spectacular!! At the beginning of the story, Kallia gives a performance that is reminiscent of Satine’s performance in Moulin Rouge but with magic!! Love it! I’m no performer, but this sounds like a fun and exciting career!

4. Alyssa Farshot – Crownchasers

Alyssa is the protagonist of Crownchasers and is a daring and adventurous ship captain and explorer. I’m neither daring nor adventurous, but go big or go home, right!? It would be pretty fantastic to explore new worlds, planets, and space!

5. Morrigan – A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

I basically chose Mor because she’s a member of Rhysand’s inner circle, and she gets to spend a ton of time with Rhysand, Cassian, and Azriel. She is third in command of the Night Court and oversees the Court of Nightmares and the Court of Dreams. Though these don’t sound like the most appealing of jobs, I wouldn’t care since I would be working with this hunky and charismatic trio!!

6. Mac – Darkfever

When Mac travels to Ireland searching for answers to her sister’s death, she gets a job at Barron’s Bookstore. I would love to work in a bookstore, but even more I would LOVE to work for Barron! Sa-woon!! Surrounded by books and working for a hunky, enigmatic Barron – what more could I ask for? lol

7. Elizabeth – The Grimm Legacy

Elizabeth works in a magical library filled with objects, not books. There’s a room with the Grimm Collection – powerful items from the Brother Grimm fairy tales. How cool is that? Then, when some of these objects begin to disappear, Elizabeth is tasked with finding them. Investigator and library assistant? I’m in!

8. Fable – Fable

Fable is a dredger who dives for gems, and she has a strong connection to the water. Though I know I’d probably drown if I had her difficult job, she does it with ease. Being able to stay under water as long as Fable and to experience the wonder of the sea sounds magical!

9. Peter Blackwell – Subversive

Peter has a job as the town’s Omnimancer and provides magical assistance to the community. Making magical potions and remedies, having magical power in general and using it for good, would be so interesting and fun! Peter helps people with physical ailments as well as problems in their homes and on their lands, which sounds really rewarding!

10. Scarlett Jones – Aurora Rising

I would choose any of the characters in Squad 312 just to be part of Squad 312, but Scarlett’s job as a diplomat and resident bad-a#% would be fascinating. Scar is super smart and extremely savvy, which helps her in her role as diplomat.

Do any of these jobs appeal to you? Which character has a job that you wish you had? Comment below!!

42 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Characters Whose Jobs I Wish I Had

  1. Yay, I had Mac on my list too – I mean she works in Barron’s bookstore, so I had to add that one. Totally forgot about Bryce’s job in Crescent City – totally would love that too! Great list. 🙂

  2. I would love Peter’s job in Submersive as the town omnimancer as well. I haven’t read Crownchasers but I think being a ship captain in space would stress me out only because I’d be trying to figure out where the lanes. 🤣🤣🤣 I would be so lost!

  3. I love how you came up with a bunch of completely different jobs for this one! Bryce definitely has an interesting job with all of the VERY unique antiquities she dealt with!

  4. Never really thought of that- character jobs I wish I had. I actually recently was recommended A Court of Thorns and Roses Series- by things like BookBub and Goodreads.

  5. I had Bryce on my list too. Magical antiquities = YAY! Also she gets to work with Lehabah which only adds to how much I’d love to work there!

  6. Oh, I missed this prompt! That would have been super fun. Maybe I’ll still write one. 😉
    I don’t know most of the characters but I think I would rather have Finians job than Scarletts. I would love to mess with some of the engines of their spaceship. 🙂

  7. Kallia’s job would be really fun! I also included Squad 312 in mine but I went with Cat!

  8. I love your list! I think I took this prompt too literally 😅

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