Self-Published Authors Appreciation Week: 25 Indie Authors You Need to Read

This week we’re celebrating all of the amazing self-published authors out there. A bunch of bloggers got together to show our love for indie authors and books. So fun! And there are so many authors that deserve recognition. Special thanks to Jodie at Witty and Sarcastic Book Club for organizing this event.

Today on the blog I’m highlighting:

25 Indie Authors That You Need to Read!

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite indie authors and their books. The majority of these are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and/or Romance, as those are my most read genres. All of the book images take you to Goodreads, so if you want to learn more about a book, just click the pic. 🙂

1. Nicole Bailey – YA Fantasy/Romance

Nicole Bailey is a writer and reader who loves young adult, magical realism, and the occasional romcom.

She writes YA fantasy and published her debut novel (FAYE AND THE ETHER) Fall 2020.

When she isn’t writing she loves to hike, kayak, bike, or garden. She lives with her three children and her husband in South Carolina.

Books by Nicole Bailey:

2. Jinna Bazzar – Sci-fi/Fantasy

I’m a freelance writer, a blogger, a mother, a baker, a chocolate fiend, a coffee enthusiast, and sometimes a poet. A wanderer in this vast world, I’m just another body with a passion for the written word. There is no boundary I can’t cross, no limit I can’t push; my mind is my passport, my thoughts my mode of transportation.
I was born and raised in a quiet, small town in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I’ve had a happy and fulfilling childhood.

Like most writers out there, my love of books began at a young age. Unlike most authors out there, I never aspired to become one. Soon after high school graduation I developed a chronic disease that caused gradual vision loss. I was blind at the age of twenty-three, and reading became one of many things I could no longer do. That is, until I started working for an organization for women with disabilities and learned about screen readers. After I quit my job, I picked up reading with vengeance, but soon realized it was no longer enough, and so I started writing, this time with an aim to pursue a career.

Heir of Ashes is my debut novel, a creation born from my love of anything fairy, of action-packed stories and a touch of romance. Besides fiction, I’ve written dozens of articles for Conscious Talk magazine, on topics of health, food, poetry and the writer’s life. When I’m not writing or networking on social media, you can find me in the kitchen, listening to loud music while baking (often misshapen) goodies, or cooking favorite dishes. My inspiration comes from most anything, a discussion, a friend, an animal or plant, events, memories, music, etc – in other words, from life itself.

Books By Jinna Bazzar:

3. D.L. Blade – Urban Fantasy/Romance

D.L. Blade grew up in southern California, but relocated to Colorado with her family in 2014.

She always loved writing, concentrating on poetry rather than prose when she was younger. That changed however, when she had a dream one night and decided to create a story about it.

In her spare time, D.L. enjoys a wide variety of hobbies, including reading, and attending rock concerts. She also enjoys visiting animal sanctuaries and pet shelters. She hopes one day she will own enough land to start her own dog rescue.

In the future, D.L. hopes that she can continue to write exciting novels that will captivate her readers and bring them into the worlds that she creates using her imagination.

Books by D.L. Blade:

4. Traci Borum – Contemporary Romance

Traci Borum is a writing teacher and native Texan. She’s also an avid reader of women’s fiction, most especially Elin Hilderbrand and Rosamunde Pilcher novels. Since the age of 12, she’s written poetry, short stories, magazine articles, and novels.

Traci also adores all things British. She even owns a British dog (Corgi) and is completely addicted to Masterpiece Theater–must be all those dreamy accents! Aside from having big dreams of getting a book published, it’s the little things that make her the happiest: deep talks with friends, a strong cup of hot chocolate, a hearty game of fetch with her Corgi, and puffy white Texas clouds always reminding her to “look up, slow down, enjoy your life.”

Books by Traci Borum:

5. Kristen Brand – Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Romance

Kristen Brand is a huge nerd. She writes speculative fiction with lots of action, romance, and witty banter. When she’s not writing, she’s usually reading novels or comic books, and she can’t get through the day without at least one cup of tea. You can find out more about her work and read free fiction about everything from lovestruck supervillains to malevolent fairies at her website,

Books by Kristen Brand:

6. Nat Chelloni – Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

Nat Chelloni is a TV personality, a screenwriter, a film critic, an avid book reader across all genres, and a published author.

Books by Nat Chelloni:

7. Colleen Cowley– Fantasy/Romance

1. “Colleen Cowley” is not my normal, everyday name. It is a family name of sorts, though.

2. In my teens, I wrote a really awful high fantasy with a portal and many other clichés. And then I took a novel-writing break that I thought would be permanent.

3. As much as I love The Hobbit, my favorite sort of fantasy is present-day. Because there’s such possibility in the idea that something magical could be happening right under your nose.

4. Regarding No. 3: After I zipped through the first four Harry Potter books and waited impatiently for the fifth, I would occasionally dream I was at Hogwarts.

5. I live with my family beside a possibly magical forest. My wardrobe, though, is perfectly ordinary.

Colleen Cowley writes romantic fantasy in (warped) modern-day settings because, c’mon, who doesn’t secretly wish for some magic in real life?

8. Anela Deen – Fantasy/Romance

A child of two cultures, this hapa haole Hawaiian girl is currently landlocked in the Midwest. After exploring the world for a chunk of years, she hunkered down in Minnesota and now fills her days with family, fiction, and the occasional snowstorm. With a house full of lovable toddlers, a three-legged cat, and one handsome Dutchman, she prowls the keyboard late at night while the minions sleep. Coffee? Nah, she prefers tea with a generous spoonful of sarcasm.  

Books by Anela Deen:

9. Liv Evans – Dystopian Romance; Sci-Fi; Speculative Fiction

Liv Evans is the pseudonym for an Australian-born author who delights in crafting stories just as much as she enjoys devouring them.

Always one to question authority, Liv prefers to write stories with fully fleshed out characters and immersive worlds. Her favourite aspect of writing is weaving a tale that makes the characters and readers question what they think they know about themselves and the world.

Central themes in Liv’s work include never blindly accepting authority, finding the strength to stand up for what is right, and the power of the human spirit.

Books by Liv Evans:

10. Kiersten Fay – Paranormal Romance

Kiersten Fay is the USA Today bestselling author of the steamy Ever Nights Chronicles, the award winning Shadow Quest series, and the popular Creatures of Darkness Series.

The first book in her Ever Nights series, Keeping His Siren, won the 2018 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, and the third Shadow Quest novel, The Demon’s Retribution won the 2012 Gravetells Favorite Story award, earning her a nomination for Favorite Author in that same year.

When not writing or catering to her two demanding cats, she can be found fussing over cover designs for her next novel.

Books by Kiersten Fay:

11. S.M. Gaither – Fantasy

As a kid, S.M. Gaither spent way too much time playing video games like Final Fantasy and reading every book she could get her hands on instead of doing silly things like her assigned homework. As an adult…Well, not much has changed. Her goal is to write books that distract others from their life’s obligations, too, thus creating an army of fellow procrastinators over which she can reign supreme. These days, her personal ​favorite places to procrastinate are in the mountains near her North Carolina home, in the company of her husband, their daughter, and their very spoiled dog.

Books by S.M. Gaither:

12. Rebecca L. Garcia – Fantasy/Romance

Rebecca lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband and son. Originally from England, you can find her drinking tea, writing new worlds, and designing covers. She writes young adult fantasy. She devoured every book she was given and fell in love with magical worlds, and when she got older, her imagination grew with her. She implements royalty into her books because she adores historical monarchies.

When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, you can find her traveling, and hosting book signings with Spellbinding Events.

Books by Rebecca L. Garcia:

13. Ana Huang – Contemporary Romance/NA Romance

Ana Huang is an Amazon best-selling author of Young Adult, New Adult, and contemporary romance. Her books often feature strong heroines, sexy heroes, and Asian American characters. 

The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Ana started writing stories at age five to improve her English skills (thanks to her mom’s encouragement). She picked up her first romance novel at age twelve by happy accident and never looked back.

Besides reading and writing, Ana loves traveling and learning about new cultures. She majored in international relations and her travels often inspire her story settings. For example, her novel If We Ever Meet Again was inspired by her own study abroad adventures in China.

Ana lives in New York, where she prefers cafe-hopping, exploring the city’s hidden gems, and binge-watching Netflix with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s over taking advantage of the city’s nightlife. She doesn’t drink coffee (!) but absolutely lives for matcha and chai lattes.

Books by Ana Huang:

14. J.F. Johns – Sci-Fi/Dystopia/YA/Romance

J.F.Johns is 27 years old and was born and raised in Spain. She studied English Literature and Creative Writing at ARU in Cambridge, UK.

She won the Indie Book Awards 2017 for best book written by an author under the age of 25, and was a finalist for best book cover with her book Eternal Darkness.

She’s an animal lover, and spends her free time playing with her adopted dog and rescued cat, drinking too much coffee and posting book photos on her Instagram.
She believes in the art of dramatic sighing and eye rolling. She works as a ninja, but has been told several times that she’s not very good at her job.

Books by J.F. Johns:

15. Raven Kennedy – Fantasy/Romance

Raven Kennedy is a tea and dark chocolate kind of girl and can often be found binge-watching The Office or The Great British Baking Show.

She enjoys writing all kinds of books, because each one brings a different experience. Whatever the genre, she hopes she creates characters you can root for.

When she’s not reading or writing, she’s with her family, probably messing up a recipe or going on a hike that she thinks she can do, but in reality she can’t because she remembers that all she does is sit at a computer all day and write her heart out.

Books by Raven Kennedy:

16. Kat Kinney – Contemporary/Paranormal Romance

Author Kat Kinney lives with her family and two extremely pampered guinea pigs who do not like werewolves, or falcons. When she isn’t writing about things that bite and howl, she can be found reading about romance, supernaturals, or fantasy, knitting crazy socks and plotting out future books.

Books by Kat Kinney:

17. Day Leitao – YA Fantasy/Romance

I love stories with romance, action, magic and humor, and always include them in my writing. I’m originally from Brazil and I’ve been living in Montreal, Canada for over 15 years.

Books by Day Leitao:

18. Camille Longley – YA Fantasy/Romance

Camille Longley is the author of the Flameskin Chronicles and the Talons and Teeth series. She grew up in Arizona, graduated from Brigham Young University, and now lives in the Bay Area with her husband and daughter.

Books by Camille Longley:

19. Cece Louise – YA Fantasy/Romance/Fairy Tale

Cece Louise writes clean novels for teens and adults filled with adventure, romance, and spirit.

An avid reader, Cece has been making up stories in her head as long as she can remember. A true believer that writing should be fun, she loves communicating with her readers and connecting with other writers.

In 2012, Cece graduated summa cum laude with a BBA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. When she’s not working on her latest story, Cece enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, weightlifting, and being outside.

Books by Cece Louise:

20. Karla Nikole – Fantasy/Romance

Karla Nikole has a long-standing love affair with Japan. They have always been very good to each other. Having lived in the country for two years and taken several extended vacations there, she is deeply inspired by the culture, language, landscape, food and people. A trip to Italy in 2018 for a wedding (pictured left and below) breathed new fire into her writing, eventually leading to the birth of Nino Bianchi and Haruka Hirano: two love letters to these beautiful countries. She has also lived in South Korea, Prague and currently resides in the USA (although Milan is adamantly calling out to her).

Books by Karla Nikole:

21. Cameo Renae – YA/NA Paranormal Romance

I was born in San Francisco, raised in Maui, Hawaii, and now reside with my husband in Las Vegas. I am a dreamer and caffeine addict who loves to laugh and loves to read to escape reality.

One of my greatest satisfactions is creating fantasy worlds filled with adventure and romance. It is the love and incredible support of my family and fans that keeps me going. One day I hope to uncover my magic wardrobe and ride away on a unicorn. Until then . . . I’ll keep writing!

Books by Cameo Renae:

22. Tracy Sumner – Historical Romance

Award-winning author Tracy Sumner’s storytelling career began when she picked up a historical romance on a college beach trip, and she fondly blames LaVyrle Spencer for her obsession with the genre. She’s a recipient of the National Reader’s Choice, and her novels have been translated into Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish. She lived in New York, Paris and Taipei before finding her way back to the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

When not writing sizzling love stories about feisty heroines and their temperamental-but-entirely-lovable heroes, Tracy enjoys reading, snowboarding, college football (Go Tigers!), yoga, and travel. She loves to hear from romance readers!

Books by Tracy Sumner:

23. K.J. Sutton – Dark Fantasy/Romance

K.J. Sutton lives in Minnesota with her two rescue dogs. She has received multiple awards for her work, and she graduated with a master’s degree in Creative Writing from Hamline University. When she’s writing, K.J. always has a cup of Vanilla Chai in her hand and despises wearing anything besides pajamas. She adores interacting with fellow writers and readers. Until then, she’s hard at work on her next book. K.J. Sutton also writes young adult novels as Kelsey Sutton.

Books by K.J. Sutton:

24. Shari Tapscott – YA Fantasy/Romance

Shari L. Tapscott writes young adult fantasy and humorous contemporary fiction. When she’s not writing or reading, she enjoys gardening, making soap, and pretending she can sing.

She loves white chocolate mochas, furry animals, spending time with her family, and characters who refuse to behave.

Tapscott lives in western Colorado with her husband, son, daughter, and two very spoiled Saint Bernards.

Books by Shari Tapscott:

25. Jessaca Willis – Fantasy

JESSACA WILLIS is a fantasy writer, with an inclination toward the dark, the horrifying, and the paranormal.

She studied social work for both her undergrad and graduate degrees, and incorporates themes from her education (family dynamics, mental health, oppression) into her writing.

Jessaca is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves to cosplay at conventions, play video games or read comics in her downtime, and to binge-watch the latest fantasy and sci-fi television series. Along with a bunch of other self-proclaimed nerds, she lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and their human- and fur-babies.

Her debut series, The Awakened is an apocalyptic fantasy series about four people from across the world, trying to learn to live with their powers after society has collapsed.

Books by Jessaca Willis: 

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