ARC Review: Coming Home by Carmen Cook

About the Book:

Title: Coming Home

Author: Carmen Cook

Series: Sapphire Creek

Publication Date: May 31, 2021

Synopsis: Shattered by a tragic accident that took the lives of her closest friends and bandmates, Erin Chase needs a place to grieve while she decides what to do next. But privacy is hard to come by when you’ve grown up in the public eye and are considered America’s Sweetheart. Sapphire Creek, Montana always allows her a certain amount of anonymity, so it’s the natural place to lay low while reconnecting with her grandfather and friends, giving her time to sort through her feelings without the pressures of her chosen career.

With his military service completed, Zach Ward returns to Sapphire Creek, ready to settle into simple small-town life. He’s adopted a rescue mutt that isn’t all that bright, started a business, and is working to reconnect with his community. But simple is tossed out the window when he finds himself on the front page of a tabloid, looking very cozy with a certain superstar.

Erin might be used to being the center of attention, but Zach works best in the shadows. When a criminal element invades Sapphire Creek and threatens her life, it’s up to Zach to keep her safe until she returns to her regular life. Unless he can convince her to stay.

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My Review:

I’m so enjoying Carmen Cook’s Sapphire Creek series, a contemporary romance series with wonderful characters and epic love stories. Coming Home follows Erin Chase and Zach Ward, two lost people who find each other in Sapphire Creek. Erin is a mega-popular and hugely successful entertainer. A childhood actress-turned-singer, Erin experienced an unfathomable tragedy and, unable to escape the ever-present rumors and paparazzi, has returned to Sapphire Creek to regroup. Zach has been recently discharged from the military and has returned home after years away to start the next phase of his life.

Though Erin and Chase have very different lives, they are similar in so many ways. Both Erin and Zach are shattered and grieving and healing. They are redefining themselves after terrible tragedies and reevaluating what they want their lives to look like. They have also both suffered major losses in their lives and are struggling with survivor’s guilt. They are so similar in that they place a lot of responsibility on their shoulders even though they know they’re not at fault. The pair is connected through mutual friends and family we met in the first book (and the subsequent short stories) though they have never spent time together. Once they meet, the sparks fly, and their chemistry is instantaneous.

The love story between Erin and Zach is wonderful, and you could feel the chemistry from their very first meeting. They have such a unique connection, and they really seem to understand each other on such a deep, emotional level. I love how they are a comfort to each other, and just by being a strong presence, they soothe each others grief. Of course, their relationship is not without its challenges. They live in different worlds and different parts of the country. Erin has work pressures and paparazzi following her, and both have demons they must face. On top of that, Sapphire Creek has ongoing issues that affect the pair, which puts Erin’s life in danger. It’s interesting to see how Erin and Zach deal with all of the obstacles that stand in their way and fight for what they want.

I also love the friendships in this series. The characters are so close, and they really understand each other. They are often fun and funny, and I love their easy and humorous banter. I also love that they support each other in everything they do. This core group of friends that we’re first introduced to in Coming in Hot (sooo good!) feels more like a family, and, through the good times, bad times, and all of the times in between, they are unfailingly there for each other. They are the types of friends that could not see each other for an extended period of time, yet when they get together, it’s like no time has passed. They are just what Erin needs when she returns to Sapphire Creek. Welcoming, supportive, protective, funny, and understanding, they are the epitome of friendship goals.

This is a great addition to the Sapphire Creek series, and many of the ongoing issues in the town are resolved in this book which was great. The dynamic characters and swoon-tastic romance make for an engrossing read, and I’m so thankful to Carmen Cook for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The friendships/strong relationships.

Favorite Lines:

She was staring at him in a way that would have made him uncomfortable in another setting. But there was an intimacy in the moment he hadn’t felt with someone else in a long time. A shared understanding of what it was like to be from a place, but not really call it home.


This is a great book and series for readers who enjoy contemporary romance with dynamic characters!

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  1. This definitely sounds like a book and series that I would enjoy. I love romance that isn’t too hot, with great characters. Wonderful review.

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