BBNYA Book Spotlight: Between Darkness and Light by Roy Peachy

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About the Book:

Publisher: Eyrie Press

Length: 288 Pages

Date Published: June 24, 2019

Amazon: (Canada) (USA) (UK)


Author Website:

Blurb: A shape flew towards him, blurred and uncertain, then the terror of anticipation was driven out by pain and horror. Weilian Tell missed the apple. The arrow’s sharp, bright tip pierced his eyeball.’

Shanghai 1900. Blinded in one eye during a childhood game of William Tell, Wang Weijun loses himself in a world of magic, languages and Shakespeare. When the Great War begins, he seizes the opportunity to leave his past behind by signing up as a translator for the Chinese Labour Corps. However, what he finds in France jolts him out of his one-eyed admiration for the West and plunges him into a new and wholly unexpected battle in which east and west, tragedy and comedy, love and suffering meet, and the darkness of war is illuminated in ways he could never have anticipated.

Shortlisted for the Impress Prize for New Writers, Between Darkness and Light is a novel about blindness, an unconventional love story, a war novel in which there is no fighting, and a post-war novel about the meeting of East and West.

Author Bio:

I am the author of six books and hope to add more to the list soon!

‘The Race’ (Cranachan, 2021) – a children’s novel

‘Popes, Emperors and Elephants (Angelico, 2021) – a history book for children and young adults

‘Between Darkness and Light’ (Eyrie, 2019) – a literary novel about a Chinese interpreter during World War I

’50 Books for Life’ (Angelico, 2019) – a concise guide to Catholic literature

‘Did Jesus go to School? and other questions about parents, children and education’ (Redemptorist, 2019)

‘Out of the Classroom and into the World’ (Angelico, 2018) – a manifesto for educational change

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