Book Review: Down Too Deep by J. Daniels

About the Book:

Title: Down Too Deep

Author: J. Daniels

Series: Dirty Deeds #4

Page Length: 401

Publication Date: Oct. 8, 2019

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: Fans of Christina Lauren and Colleen Hoover will love this sexy and emotional fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Dirty Deeds series.

Following the sudden death of his wife, Nathan Bell has spent nearly two years burying himself in work and neglecting his biggest responsibility: his daughter. Overcome with guilt, he wants to connect with little Marley, but he doesn’t know how to do it alone. And then Jenna Savage throws him a lifeline.

A single mom of twins, Jenna is more than capable of taking care of Nate’s adorable two-year-old, and wants to help Nathan however she can. Soon, attachments are made, forcing Jenna and her kids into new territory. And the closer everyone becomes, the more right it feels.

Falling in love forces Nathan to face his biggest fear, and when hearts, both big and little, are on the line, the only thing scarier than needing someone is losing them all. 

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My Review:

A story of two single parents finding love again, Down Too Deep is a fantastic conclusion to the Dirty Deeds series! Nate lost his wife and has spent the last two years burying himself in work. He wants to be a better father to his young daughter, but he is so consumed by his grief over the loss of his wife that he struggles to move on, and his connection with his daughter suffers.

Jenna is a single mother of eight-year-old twins, and they are her number one priority. She is a loving and wonderful mother, and when she sees Nathan struggling, she offers to help him for the summer. Jenna is just what this struggling family needs, and she selflessly finds ways to bring Nate and Marley closer together.

I love Jenna! She is such a wonderful and dedicated mother, and her optimism and bubbly personality are infectious. Jenna has a job that allows her to work from home in the summer, which is perfect since she has to care for her kids while they aren’t in school. This also gives Jenna the freedom to help Nate take care of Marley. And Marley is so sweet and cute. She and Jenna’s twins are fantastic! They are great kids, and they add so much to the story.

Nate is an amazing character too. He deeply grieves the loss of his wife, and it has impacted every aspect of his life. At the start of the book, Nate has given up, and he seems very much defeated. I like how he slowly finds himself again and comes to realize what is most important to him. He reconnects with his daughter, who is just a bundle of sweetness. Nate and Marley share a strong bond, which is strengthened with the help of Jenna. I also love how Nate connects with Jenna’s kids. Nate is a good man, and Jenna and her kids definitely help him with his emotional struggles.

Jenna and Nate have a wonderful, slow-building romance, and their chemistry is fantastic! Both have a lot on their plates and are dealing with a ton, but their growing feelings for each other are undeniable. Still grieving his wife, Nate feels immense guilt about moving on, and Jenna is wary of loving again, so they definitely have a lot to work through. I love how they slowly grow to care for each other. Their flirtations are fabulous, their witty banter is so fun, and their sexy scenes are swoon-worthy! They complement each other well and fit well into each other’s lives.

A wonderful novel about love, grief, healing, family, and more, Down Too Deep is a heart-warming and emotional single-parent romance with great characters and a swoon-worthy romance. Nate and Jenna’s stories and the issues they deal with tug at your heartstrings, and I found myself welling up on more than one occasion while reading. Though this is the fourth book in the series, it can easily be read as a standalone. However, if you’ve read the other books in the series, you’ll be happy to know that some of the couples make an appearance in this book too. Thanks so much to Forever Publishing for a copy of the book.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The kids.

Favorite Lines:

When you move past loving someone to needing them—they become a necessity to your own survival.

I don’t think there’s moving on. I think there’s living.

Falling in love was overwhelmingly scary. It was also becoming the easiest thing I had ever done.


I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy contemporary romance.

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