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I’m beyond thrilled to host this exclusive giveaway for Sarah Westill. The winner receives a copy of Levkaseon & Kynhaven, the prequel and book 3 in the Gen Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria series! Let’s check them out:

SynopsisThe enemy is closer than she realizes…

When a sudden outbreak of human rabies syndrome threatens Haven City, Ciarra Jonatis finds herself in an awkward dilemma. She needs answers, fast, and only one man can help her find them. The one man she loved, lost… and betrayed. As Shield Guardian Levkaseon, she’s responsible for the city’s health, there’s no room for personal conflict, or regrets.

Falsely imprisoned to ensure his silence after discovering an attempt to weaponize the HRS virus, Terran Kaine agrees to assist on the promise of his release and national protection. His rare touch-based talent gives him a unique advantage, allowing him to see inside the human body and identify specific pathogens. But nothing turns out to be easy, especially his freedom. Conflicting anger wars with desire and Terran is faced with a difficult choice. Forgive Ciarra, or let the past dictate the future.

Emotions run high as their buried passions surface. A distraction they can’t afford as treachery finds them at every turn and their research begins to unravel a dangerous truth. One an elusive enemy will kill to keep hidden. Either they trust each other, or lose everything…

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SynopsisMason Dandridge thought he could survive anything—fate’s about to test his strength and resolve.
Tragedy sends Mason to Westica, on the hunt for Jessalyn Silverna, the only surviving victim of a sadistic killer-for-hire. What he finds is a broken woman, emotionally and physically scarred, unable to see her beauty or authority as a woman. Needing answers only she can provide, Mason is determined to persuade Jessi to return with him to Sziveria.

Learning her brutal past was a calculated plan turns Jessi’s life upside down.
The quiet, sheltered existence she’s been living isn’t feasible anymore. Outside forces prove she’s incapable of life on her own, leaving Jessi with little options but to agree to Mason’s plan.

But life in Sziveria isn’t any easier, or less dangerous.
Jessi’s genetic gift reveals a dark secret lurking in the Primary Guardian’s home. More than her talent is awakened though, as Mason urges Jessi to discover her sensual power, long hidden under the scars of her past. Wounds he’s determined to heal one kiss at a time…

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