Cover & Blurb Reveal: Blood Union Part 2

Happy Friday! Yesterday, Vela Roth revealed the cover for Blood Union Part II. This is the sixth book in the Blood Grace series, and it’s gorgeous!! It’s scheduled to release on October 26th and I can’t wait to read it, especially after the ending of book five! Let’s check out the cover and blurb:

Isn’t it great? I love the colors and the whimsical, fantasy feel! And here’s the blurb. It sounds so good!!

BLURB: An ancient magic will put their love to the ultimate test.

When Lio brought Cassia to the land of their allies, he believed nothing would threaten her or their fated Grace bond. But a nameless enemy has ensnared her in a conspiracy reaching as high as the Imperial Court. With the Empress out for Cassia’s blood, will Lio abandon his path as a diplomat and unleash his fangs?

Although Cassia is now a fugitive, she can’t flee to safety until they uncover the secret that could change the fate of two continents. Their path leads into a treacherous desert where long-forgotten magic threatens to tear her apart from Lio forever. Can she find the hidden power within herself to survive?

Steamy romance meets classic fantasy worldbuilding in Blood Grace. Follow fated mates Lio and Cassia through their epic love story for a guaranteed series HEA.

Preorder your copy today:

New to the world of Hesperines? start with Blood Mercy today:

About the Author:

Vela Roth manifested unstable writing powers at a young age, and many of her early experiments had unintended results. As she grew, a curriculum of fantasy novels with kickass heroines helped her learn to control and wield her abilities.

Eventually she dared pursue the knowledge inside the most forbidden tomes: romance novels. She’s been practicing the dark arts of fantasy romance ever since, but she strives to use her novels only for good.

She lives in a solar-powered writer’s garret at the foot of the mountains. Her familiar is a rescue cat with a missing fang and a huge heart. When not typing furiously at her manuscript, she can usually be found gaming on her home-built PC or trying to grow roses in the desert.

She loves hearing from readers and hopes you’ll visit her at

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