Blog Tour: 5 Reasons to Read I Miss You, I Hate This by Sara Saedi

About the Book:

Title: I Miss You, I Hate This

Author: Sara Saedi

Publication Date: Oct. 11, 2022

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Publisher: Poppy

Synopsis:Five Feet Apart meets Kate in Waiting in this timely story of two best friends navigating the complexities of friendship while their world is turned upside down by a global pandemic.

The lives of high school seniors Parisa Naficy and Gabriela Gonzales couldn’t be more different. Parisa, an earnest and privileged Iranian American, struggles to live up to her own impossible standards. Gabriela, a cynical Mexican American, has all the confidence Parisa lacks but none of the financial stability. She can’t help but envy Parisa’s posh lifestyle whenever she hears her two moms argue about money. Despite their differences, as soon as they met on the first day of freshman year, they had an “us versus the world” mentality. Whatever the future had in store for them—the pressure to get good grades, the litany of family dramas, and the heartbreak of unrequited love—they faced it together. Until a global pandemic forces everyone into lockdown. Suddenly senior year doesn’t look anything like they hoped it would. And as the whole world is tested during this time of crisis, their friendship will be, too.

With equal parts humor and heart, Parisa’s and Gabriela’s stories unfold in a mix of prose, text messages, and emails as they discover new dreams, face insecurities, and confront their greatest fears.

Content Warning: Anxiety

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About the Author:

Sara Saedi is the author of the memoir Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card and the Never Ever series. She is also a television writer, most recently working on the upcoming Green Lantern series for HBO Max. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.

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5 Reasons to Read I Miss You, I Hate This

1. It’s relatable. The story is set during a pandemic, and many of the trials and tribulations the characters go through are realistic and relatable. It’s about friendships, romances, and ever-changing relationships and family dynamics. I also though the way people dealt with the pandemic and all that comes with being isolated, afraid, unable to see people, and more was very realistic and relatable. The height of Covid wasn’t to long ago, so this will probably resonate with many readers.

2. It’s a story about friendship. The story follows best friends Parisa and Gabriela and everything they go through as seniors in high school during a pandemic. Their friendship is put to the test, and they both have to face some hard truths about life, their friendship, and their families.

3. The writing style is fantastic. It’s funny and heart-warming, and I love the inclusion of text messages and emails. It makes the story felt more realistic, as that’s how we all communicated during the Covid lockdown. The story is told from both Parisa and Gabriela’s perspectives, and they have distinct and unique voices.. You really get to understand the thoughts and feelings of each of them, especially as they go through personal problems and struggles.

4. There’s realistic anxiety rep. I though the author handled mental health issues, particularly anxiety well. As someone who has dealt with anxiety for years, I totally understood Parisa’s struggles. I

5. It has great messages about family, friendship, love, and life. I think a lot of readers will relate to everything Parisa and Gabriela go through. It also focuses on social class, prejudice, illness, trying to fulfill other people’s expectations while staying true to yourself, and other serious and relatable issues. I liked the variety of messages throughout the book!

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