Book Review: The Highlander’s Tudor Lass by Heather McCollum

About the Book:

Title: The Highlander’s Tudor Lass

Author: Heather McCollum

Series: Brothers of Wolf Isle #3

Publication Date: Aug. 22, 2022

Publisher: Entangled Pub.

Synopsis: Callum Macquarie would give anything to go back to the Highlands and Wolf Isle. Instead, he’s stuck circling an undefended English castle in too-tight breeches, longing for his bed and his plaid. But he has an oath to keep: to bring home the bonny Anna Montgomerie and her sister before that devil of a blaggard pirate Jundeau finds them first. Only the lass he’s come to rescue has no interest in going back to Scotland with him. Or ever.

To hell with Callum and his oath. Anna won’t step one foot in Scotland—no matter the danger. Not after what she’s left behind, and not while there’s a chance she can remain in England. But she has a plan. And the only hitch involves a braw, fiercely protective highlander who refuses to leave…and whose touch burns hotter than fire.

Now Anna and Callum are caught between the threat coming for Anna. Staying means danger. Leaving means death. And a blazing attraction that could spoil everyone’s plans.

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My Review:

Callum Macquarie comes to England tasked with returning to Wolf Isle with Anna and Dora Montgomery, he’s not prepared for Anna’s complete disinterest in going with him. However, Anna’s stubborn refusal leads to many complications and potentially dangerous situations. Can Callan convince Anna to return with him and Dora to Wolf Island before the nefarious pirate Jundeau finds them?

I always become so engrossed in Heather McCollum’s historical romances. I think it’s a combination of the layered and dynamic characters, the lush settings, and the wonderful love stories that always pull me in.

A light-hearted man who hides behind his humor, Callum is often underestimated, and he feels like he is the weak link in his family. Callum sees this task as a way to prove his capabilities to his family, so imagine his frustration when Anna refuses to go with him. I really like his character. He has a lot of respect for women, and he never diminishes their voices. He is a warrior with a tender heart and a relentless drive to protect others and prove himself worthy to his family. He’s also pretty strategic, clever, and brave as he fights against those that wish to harm Anna, Dora, and himself.

Anna is a strong and brave woman who has had a difficult life. She loves her sisters fiercely, and there’s nothing she won’t do to support and protect them. But Anna has secrets that could destroy any future she has, and she’s desperate to remain safely in England. She works so hard to keep others safe, but by doing so, she actually puts herself at risk. Luckily, Callum is as loyal and determined as her, and he swore an oath to protect her. Callum and Anna are both such dynamic characters, and I enjoyed their individual stories as much as their romance.

Callum and Anna have such a swoon-worthy romance. They are both stubborn and loyal to those they love. I love that he trusts in her skill and capabilities. He sees her for the strong, protective, and determined woman she is, and he believes in her. They have such amazing chemistry, and their banter is wonderful. They’re like kindred spirits, and their love story is entertaining, romantic, and full of chemistry!

The plot is suspenseful and exciting, as Anna tries to protect her charge, struggles to find her place, and becomes a prisoner of a nefarious pirate and his accomplices. Callum is the consummate protector and will not stop until he brings the women to safety even though he faces insurmountable odds. Their journey is entertaining and dangerous and really engrossing.

I enjoyed this book. It’s exciting and unique, and I loved the characters and the romance. I would definitely recommend it to historical romance readers! Thanks so much to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The intrigue.

Favorite Lines:

Finding one’s way home by the stars only works when one knows where their home lies in the first place.

“Talking has a way of bleeding out the poison,” he said. “Terrible yesterdays are always with us, but talking to someone who…well, who ye trust and who cares for ye can make the memories less powerful.”

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  1. Great review, Julie. I just downloaded the first two books in this series on audio from my library, so I hope to listen to them soon. I like the sound of this one, especially the strong female lead.

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