Book Review: Say I Do, Sunshine by Taylor Wilson-West

About the Book:

Title: Say I Do, Sunshine

Author: Taylor Wislon-West

Page Length: 404

Publication Date: Aug. 1, 2023

Synopsis: A plus-size, chronic people avoider is blindsided by an upbeat, never take no for an answer Veteran who is determined to break down her walls and claim her flaws and all.

Bellamy Drummon doesn’t have time for relationships. She’s too busy making a life for herself outside of the toxic environment she grew up in. Now part of a renowned wedding planning duo with her best friend, ‘Fixin’ To I Do’ gets their very first celebrity client. If this wedding goes perfectly, they may end up with a storefront and clientele of their very own.

Veteran Aaron Lark just wants to find his purpose again. After nearly ten years in the military, he never thought of life…after. When his sister’s company gets a celebrity bridal client and she hires him for private security, he can’t believe his luck. Because the beauty who told him off at the bar just the night before happens to be one of the bride’s wedding planners. He’s immediately drawn to the assertive woman who speaks her mind and obviously can’t stand him.

Will Bellamy remain impassive to Aaron’s charms? Or will their forced time together blossom into something…more?

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My Review:

I’m delighted to be on the tour for Say I Do, Sunshine. It’s a wonderful contemporary romance with great messages and characters and a fabulous love story.

Bellamy is a layered and interesting protagonist, and I so related to her and her struggles. Like her, I’ve been treated differently and poorly because of my weight. I’ve been unnecessarily judged because I’m plus size. I’ve been fat-shamed, not only by strangers but by those who claim to care about me. It’s devastating and crushing to one’s confidence, self-esteem, and sense of worth. Bellamy loves her body and embraces her full figure, and I love that for her. I also love that she stands up for herself and refuses to let people degrade her or treat her as less than because she doesn’t fit into society’s mold of a “perfect body.”

Bellamy also has anxiety, which is so realistically portrayed in the novel. I totally understood her feelings when she had sensory overload and when she had an anxiety attack. Even her more minute anxious moments were relatable and realistic, as are the techniques she uses to help with her anxiety. The author took care in presenting realistic and relatable characters and situations and didn’t shy away from some of the more difficult topics introduced.

The secondary characters are dynamic as well, and Bellamy’s loving and supportive inner circle and friends are more like family than her actual family (Grrrrr – hate them!!), and they are all such great secondary characters. Plus, Bellamy meets a hunky man who finds everything about her, including her curves, sexy. Oof, Aaron is a tall drink of water, and Bellamy sure is thirsty. Not that I can blame her. He made me a little parched too!

I’d like to put an order in for one Aaron, please and thank you. He is a dreamboat! I love the way he treats Bellamy and how he listens to her and really sees her. They have the best banter, and their grumpy sunshine romance is delicious. There are some laugh-out-loud moments where Bellamy really gives it to Aaron, and he loves every minute of it. And I adore the fact that she is super grumpy with him, and he decides to give her the nickname “Sunshine.” It’s perfect! Ultimately, Bellamy challenges Aaron, and he is completely smitten with her. I love when the MMC character falls first, and Aaron falls quickly and hard.

I also like that the story takes place as the characters are organizing a wedding. It definitely adds to the romantic feel of the story, and it makes for some entertaining encounters. There are some parts toward the end that I wish were fleshed out and developed a bit more, but overall I thought it was a fun and sexy romance and a fabulous debut by Taylor Wilson-West.

Special thanks to Turn the Page Tours and Taylor Wilson-West for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Quote:

“Do you still want tot take me on a date? I asked, trying to sound nonchalant, but failing miserably if the hiccup in my voice was any indication.

“Are you kidding me? I’ve saved you three different times, arguably four, let you scold me and talk about my underequipped manhood, and now I’ve defended your honor.” He smiled, a wicked slash of the mouth, dimples shining. “We’re practically engaged, baby.”

About the Author:

Taylor Wilson-West is a firm believer that the magic of words on a page can transport readers to new places, and finds comfort in making new, albeit fictional, friends. Currently residing in a small town in North Carolina with her husband and two perfect kiddos, she lives off Cheerwine, potatoes, and ranch dressing. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found shopping at bookstores, adding to her never ending bookshelves. Taylor finds it necessary to have a bookish candle that fits every genre and book character that she has ever fallen in love with. Her favorite moment in any consumable media is when confident, fat main characters get their happily ever after.

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  1. I’m not one for illustrated covers, but I love the girl on this one! She looks so irritated! I think I would identify with this one like you did. I need to read it. Great review!

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