ARC Review: Odd Bird by Lee Farnsworth

Title: Odd Bird

Author: Lee Farnsworth

Page Length: 336

Publication Date: Oct. 1, 2020

Synopsis: Simon Selwood is an academic expert on the monogamous sexual behaviour of birds, but hopeless at finding human love. Then he meets Kim, and at last something is more important to him than ornithology.

Kim doesn’t give a hoot about birds. And at first she isn’t very interested in Simon either. Relying on what he has gleaned from observing the opportunistic pied flycatcher and other species, plus the unorthodox advice of old friend Phil, Simon sets out on a mission to discover love for himself.

But will he make the right choice?

Odd Bird takes a light-hearted look at the battle of the sexes, drawing on the surprising parallels between the courtship behaviours of humans and birds.

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Odd Bird is a quirky rom-com about Simon, an ornithologist who is struggling to find love. Not super savvy with women but wanting to make a connection, Simon relies on the advice of his best friend Phil, as well as his own knowledge of the mating habits of birds, to navigate the confounding world of dating.

Simon is an interesting character, and I enjoyed watching him grow and learn about love and relationships. I don’t often read rom-coms that focus on the man’s perspective, and I found it refreshing. Simon is an ornithologist with a vast amount of knowledge about the mating habits of birds, which he compares to the mating habits of humans. His deep respect for, knowledge of, and fascination with birds, and the continued bird comparisons throughout the book, were great. If only Simon was as knowledgeable about women as he was about birds!

Simon doesn’t always read people well and fails to see their true motivations. This makes it easy for him to be taken advantage of, which one of the women he dates does. Kim makes Simon feel things that he hasn’t felt before, and he’s convinced that she is the key to his happy ending. Though his friend Phil tries to warn him, Simon becomes so besotted with Kim that he fails to see the signs that are right in front of him. I rooted for Simon’s happy ending and hoped that he would find someone (not Kim!) who would appreciate his intellect and dry sense of humor.

A unique contemporary romance from the male point of view, Odd Bird is a unique read with well-developed characters, witty and dry banter, great messages, and a lot of fascinating information about birds. Thanks so much to the author and Fanny at Farrago Books for a copy of Odd Bird in exchange for my honest review.



Readers who enjoy rom-coms with unique and dry male protagonists will enjoy this story.

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