ARC Review: Identical Threat by Tyler Anne Snell

Title: Identical Threat

Author: Tyler Anne Snell

Page Length: 256

Publication Date: July 21, 2020

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue

Synopsis: Her innocent switch could cost her life…

When Riley Stone stands in for her identical twin sister at Desmond Nash’s party, she’s just doing her a favor. But that night lands Riley in a mysterious tangle of danger. With someone gunning for her twin, Riley turns to the mysterious Desmond, who has experience dealing with abductors. The intrepid cowboy is determined to keep Riley safe…but only together can they figure out a way to survive. 

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My Review:

When Riley switches places with her twin sister and attends Desmond’s party to network, she never expects that her life will take a dramatic and dangerous turn. Suddenly, her life is in jeopardy, and Desmond, who has troubles of his own, is there to protect her.

Kidnapped along with two of his siblings as a child, Desmond is haunted by the fact that the kidnapper was never caught, and his father worked himself to death trying to solve the case. Now, it seems as if the past has resurfaced, and someone is threatening Desmond and his siblings again. On top of that, someone is targeting Riley. But why? Is Riley the target, or is it her identical twin?

Desmond is determined to help Riley and finds himself irresistibly drawn to her. Can they figure out who is wants them dead before it’s too late?

Identical Threat is a quick and suspenseful story with great characters and a wonderful romance. There are many twists and turns in the story, and, since Desmond and Riley both become immersed in dangerous situations, you never know exactly who is being targeted and when the antagonists will strike.

Riley and Jenna, both recently divorced, seem to be running from the past. Desmond’s past is resurfacing, and it appears that the person who kidnapped him as a child might be cause for concern. This makes for an exciting, nail-biting plot.

One of my favorite parts of the story is the wonderful depiction of family. Riley and Desmond have strong relationships with their siblings and their parents. Several family interactions throughout the story reinforce familial acceptance, support, and love. Riley and her sister have an amazing relationship, and Desmond acknowledges that Jenna and her son are part of the package if he commits to Riley. Riley, in turn, knows that Desmond’s large and boisterous family is a permanent fixture in his life. Their shared respect for family bonds and obvious love for their siblings brings them closer together.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the romance. Desmond and Riley have fabulous chemistry. They are both intelligent, brave, and family-oriented. I like how they work as a team and have a deep respect for each other. They fit. Their light-hearted banter is endearing, and their love story is intense and passionate. I loved the scenes with action and romance, but I also loved the quiet scenes of watching Wheel of Fortune and eating dinner with loved ones. Their characters and relationship are well-developed and likable, and I found myself rooting for this couple.

Though this is the third book in the series, it can totally be read as a standalone. I didn’t read the first two, but the author provided enough context throughout the story so that I never felt confused or lost. That being said, I am definitely going to read the first two books in the series. I want to learn more about this fantastic family and the ongoing mystery that surrounds them. Thanks so much to Netgalley and Harlequin for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance, of course! 😉
  • The lovely sibling relationships.

Favorite Line:

Desmond Nash was a question she wanted to answer and an answer she wanted to question. All at once.


Readers who like contemporary romance with great characters and interesting intrigue will love this story!

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