ARC Review: Enchant the Night by Amanda Ashley

Title: Enchant the Night

Author: Amanda Ashley

Page Length: 400

Publication Date: Aug. 25, 2020

Publisher: Zebra

Synopsis: In the arms of a centuries-old vampire, a woman awakens to newfound passion–and magical powers of her own.

Hungarian vampires are born, not made–and can breed with mortal females. Being one of the oldest of his kind, Quill Falconer has honed his skills at hunting just the right kind of prey, which is why his latest victim confounds him. She shouldn’t remember his drinking her blood. And he shouldn’t still be craving more . . .

Callie Hathaway’s life is as normal as it can be after the death of the beloved grandmother who raised her. Until one night, feeling foggy and fatigued, she realizes that a strangely sensual encounter with a dark, handsome man didn’t occur only in her imagination.

As Callie and Quill’s unique connection draws them together, an ancient order of knights seeks Quill’s destruction. Being together puts Callie in mortal danger–until she uncovers a magical family legacy. Side by side they’ll fight for survival, and for each other, as the brotherhood of vampire hunters gather for one final showdown.

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My Review:

Though Quill Falconer is one of the oldest vampires, he has never been on love. That is until he meets Callie. He had only intended to feed on her and then erase her memories. However, her blood tastes familiar, and his memory wipe doesn’t work.

When Callie saves him after a brutal attack by the Knights of the Dark Wood, a group determined to hunt and kill all vampires, and takes him to her home, they can’t deny their connection.

As Callie and Quill grow closer and learn each other’s secrets, they must also prepare for the constant threat of the Knights and their relentless pursuit of Quill. This threat takes them to various places across the country until they wage an epic battle that will determine their future. Can they defeat the knights and resolve their conflicts before it’s too late?

Callie has one major hangup, and it’s not that Quill is a vampire. Decades ago, Quill had a relationship with Callie’s grandmother. Callie struggles with this news and the revelation effects their romance. Callie doesn’t know if she can get past this information. I did not like this aspect of the story. It seemed like an unnecessary obstacle that this couple had to face, and it’s a bit…odd.

I also felt like Callie was a bit immature. The dismissive way that treated her traumatized friend and the superficial inner conflicts that she felt did not appeal to me. She also is passive and lets Quill run their lives even though she is powerful in her own right.

Additionally, the romance between Callie and Quill progressed slowly, and I had hoped that the story would delve further into the history of the vampires and the Knights of the Dark Wood. This seemed like a missed opportunity to develop the plot and characters.

Though this story has an interesting premise, it was just not the book for me, as I didn’t connect with the characters or the plot. Thanks to Netgalley and Kensington Books for a copy of the story in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The new twist on vampires.
  • The fast-paced action.


Readers who like paranormal romances with hunky alpha-males and magical heroines might enjoy this vampire story.

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