The Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated by  Meg’s Magical Musings and Hundreds & Thousands of Books for this award. Both are fantastic bloggers, and if you haven’t been over to their blogs, you totally should check them out!!

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Three Things About Me:

  1. I love all things Star Wars and even named one of my kids after a Star Wars character.
  2. I can’t whistle.
  3. I named another one of my children after a favorite author – Jane Austen. Well, my daughter’s name is Jane, not Jane Austen, but you know what I mean. 😉

Questions from Meg’s Magical Musings:

1. What are some new countries you hope to visit?

The only country I’ve been to besides the United States is Canada, but I would love to visit Italy, Spain, and/or Japan.

2. Are you a beach person or mountain person- why?

Okay, I live in the Ocean State, and I’m one of the few people I know that does not enjoy the beach. lol I hate the heat, the sand, and the crowds. Did I say the heat? I really hate the heat! I have a major intolerance for the sun – I get wicked migraines, have been known to get physically ill, and I always feel like I’m boiling from the inside out when I sit out in the sun. So, I would most definitely choose mountains!

3. What are some rereads you hope to read?

4. What is the musical you first wish to see after the pandemic?

Les Miserables – It’s always been my favorite musical, and I would love to see it again. This time, I’d take my kids since they are all old enough to enjoy and appreciate it.

5. What book do you hope to own, but don’t have yet?

I am eagerly anticipating so many books this year. I would say Between Savage Tides by Anela Deen or A Court of Silver Flames are the two I’m most eager to own (and read).

Questions from Hundreds & Thousands of Books:

1. Are there some series that you don’t think you’ll ever read?

Hmmm. I don’t know that I’ll ever read The Lord of the Rings series. I tried it once and didn’t love it. i do love the movies though!

2. What was your biggest book hangover?

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas. I loved it, but it destroyed me and left me with a serious book hangover. It was such an emotional read, and one part in particular really spoke to me and moved me deeply.

I couldn’t talk about this book for days after I finished it – my mind was so garbled, and I couldn’t put my thoughts into words!

3. What’s your favorite object (can be a book, or anything!)

A letter my mother wrote to me before she died. It brings me a lot of comfort.

4. If you could take back a film/tv adaptation of a book so it didn’t exist any more, what would you pick?

Oooh, great question!! I’m going with The Giver. I loved the book but did not like the movie at all!!

5. What’s your favorite tv show?

I loved Bridgerton and The Mandalorian. Those are my two current faves!!

My Questions:

  1. Share an underrated book that you love.
  2. Which book has been on your TBR for the longest amount of time?
  3. Has a book ever inspired you to visit/travel anywhere?
  4. What was your first read of 2021?
  5. Do you own any plants, and if so, do you name them? (My weird/fun question)

I Nominate:

26 thoughts on “The Mystery Blogger Award

  1. Great answers! I’ve never read The Giver before. I really know nothing about it, haha.

  2. Loved reading this! I also cannot wait for A Court of Silver Flames to arrive!


  3. I read House of Earth and Blood back in July and I still don’t know how to accurately put my thoughts into words. All I tell people is that they need to read it and they will understand! – Christie

  4. On of your rereads is actually a book I still hope to read- Song of Achilles.

    First musical I hope to see after the pandemic- either Hadestown, Anastasia, or Frozen. Anastasia and Frozen were two postponed musicals. However, most likely Hadestown- been fascinated by it since it swept the Tonys. At least with Frozen, I have the Broadway Soundtrack.

    1. I love The Song of Achilles. The writing and the love story are absolutely beautiful.

      I remember you talking about not being able to see Frozen – so disappointing! I would love to see Hadestown too!

  5. Thank you for the nomination! I have so many tags to complete but I’ve added this one to my bookmarks and it looks like a fun one so I can’t wait to do it. I love your answers!

  6. Great answers, Julie! Loved hearing about how you named your children, and The Song of Achilles is definitely worth a reread! However, I am not tempted by Bridgerton lol.

  7. Congrats on this award! I’m so glad to have stumbled on your blog accidentally lol! 🥳✨
    I LOVE STAR WARS TOO!! Anakin is by far my fave name from there :p

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