ARC Review: Hit Me With Your Best Scot by Suzanne Enoch

Title: Hit Me With Your Scot

Author: Suzanne Enoch

Series: Wild Wicked Highlanders (Book 3)

Page Length: 336

Publication Date: Feb. 9, 2021

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Synopsis: The MacTaggert brothers have one task: Find English brides or lose their land!

Coll MacTaggert, Viscount Glendarril, is a big, brawny Highlander who doesn’t like being told what to do—not even by his exasperated English mother who is determined to see her eldest son wedded and bedded. However, when he comes to the rescue of an irresistibly beautiful woman, Coll discovers that he may have found his perfect match…

The challenge isn’t that Persephone Jones is famous, wealthy, independent, and smarter than anyone he knows. The problem is that she is not interested in marrying any man—especially not a hot-headed Scot—even if he is the only man who seems to understand who she really is even when she’s not sure herself. When Coll learns that Persephone is actually a lady-in-hiding and someone is willing to kill her for what she stands to inherit…Well, Coll has never been one to turn down a fight. When hearts are involved, nothing comes between a Highlander and his lady.

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My Review:

Hit Me With Your Best Scot is an engaging historical romance with strong characters and an interesting plot.  Coll and Persephone had a great love story, and I enjoyed their witty banter. They also had an insta-lust relationship from the start that was filled with a ton of angst-filled chemistry. They are very different people, yet they complement each other well. 

Coll is handsome, brash, and a bit curt. He is stubborn, and he struggles with feelings of abandonment, which is why he’s erected walls. Persephone has secrets that she is reluctant to reveal and lead to some mysterious and dangerous situations. Though I enjoyed their story, the characters did fall a bit short for me, and I found it difficult to become invested in their romance.

Though each story in this series can be read as a standalone, I was a bit confused at the beginning of the book. It does reference events that happened in previous books, and I think I would have benefitted from reading the first two books in the series to fully appreciate the context and to enjoy this story more.  That being said, it wasn’t extremely difficult to pick up what had happened with Coll and his family in the previous books.

I really liked the family dynamics between Coll and his family. They are a rowdy and loyal family and definitely one of the highlights of the book. The brothers have a strong bond, and even when they don’t agree, they always have each others backs.

This book was an okay read for me. I enjoyed the romance and the intrigue, but some parts felt a bit slow, and I had trouble getting invested in the characters and story. However, it’s a fun and light read, and I think it will appeal to fans of the series and to readers who enjoy historical romance with secrets, mystery, and a few unexpected twists and turns. Thanks so much to NetGalley, St. Martin’s Press, and the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.



This book will appeal to readers who like historical romance and the Wild Wicked Highlanders series.

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  1. I wonder if you would have connected more if you read the previous two books? I have the first one in this series on my kindle, and I think I need to give it a go. Nice review.

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