Author Spotlight: My Interview with Brittany Weisrock

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Hey there! Today, I’m delighted to have Brittany Weisrock, author of the upcoming novel Triad! Triad is a fantastic paranormal romance with dynamic characters, an awesome sibling/family relationship, cool world-building, and a swoon-tastic romance!!!

Get ready becauseTriad releases on April 6, 2021!!

Getting to Know Brittany Weisrock:

Question: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer/author?

Brittany Weisrock: Oh, one of my favorite questions! I’ve written stories since I was little. Basically, as soon as I could piece together sentences, I was drawn to creative writing. I loved writing little stories, illustrating my own pictures, and it grew from there. I kind of shelved it for a while, but last year I thought—why not! So, here I am, with a book about to launch.

Brittany Weisrock

Even as a young child Britt Weisrock would conjure up stories with herimagination, sharing them with anyone who…

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