Book Review: Frozen Hearts and Death Magic by Day Leitao

About the Book:

Title: Frozen Hearts and Death Magic

Author: Day Leitao

Series: Of Fire and Fae #1

Publication Date: Jan. 22, 2022

Synopsis: A forbidden fae kiss could be deadly.

Naia was raised in the shadow of her twin brother, the crown prince, who has iron magic much more powerful than hers. But Naia has wishes of her own. They awaken when she finds a white fae almost dying in the woods. She only heard of them in stories; the dreaded race that razed cities to the ground, killed her grandparents, almost rid Aluria of humans—until they disappeared. Now, twenty years later, are they back? Is there another war coming?

But the fae is evasive and secretive—and also alluring and fascinating, more beautiful than anyone she’s ever seen. And then it happens: Naia kisses him—and nothing will be the same again.

In another kingdom, Leah, a necromancer princess, has to find a husband in less than four days, during the gathering, when royals from all over Aluria meet. Her family makes it very clear that she can pick any prince she wants—except one: Naia’s brother. And it turns out that he’s the one; the one who makes her heart beat faster.

Meanwhile, war looms over the land. One of the kingdoms is amassing immense power. The White Fae might be returning. Amidst it all, Naia and her brother struggle with newfound magical powers, family secrets, and most of all, their own treacherous hearts.

Frozen Hears and Death Magic is a telenovela-inspired upper YA romantic fantasy for fans of multi-POV stories, forbidden love, enemies to lovers, family drama, royal intrigue, and mysterious magic. It’s book 1 of the Duology Of Fire and Fae, recommended for readers 16 and up.

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My Review:

Frozen Hearts and Death Magic is the first book in what promises to be an exciting and romantic new series by Day Leitao. Political intrigue, manipulation, and maneuvering create an intense world where the stakes are very high for each character. 

I really liked the characters, and their stories and situations drew me in pretty quickly. Fel is my favorite.  He and Leah have difficult journeys, and they are both tried in the most terrible of ways.  Fel is so honorable and decent and kind, and his self-sacrificing nature, as well as his conflicted feelings for Leah, propel him.  Leah is stronger than others credit her for, and it’s a good thing.  She suffers so much through the story, and it is intense!  In fact, you might want to check the content warnings before starting the book because there are some aspects of the story that could trigger readers. 

River and Naia are also well-developed, dynamic protagonists.  River has a lot of secrets, much to Naia’s frustration. He is as mysterious as the fae world he takes her to, and it’s interesting to see Naia slowly learn more about him and his kingdom.  Naia longs for freedom and independence, and I like that she sees these things in River.  However, there are times when she seems almost as trapped with him as she was with her family.  I’m eager to see how their relationship develops in future books, as their love story is bound to be as epic as Fel and Leah’s.

Fel, Leah, Naia, and River all have so many expectations thrust upon them, often because of events that happened long before they were born.  I like how the family histories and past events slowly revealed.  So much of what happened in the past defines their present and predicts the future. It’s so fascinating! Each family has their secrets, some more deadly and malicious than others, and the way they all connect and affect each other creates a well-woven and paced story. 

There are two romances in this story, which is great for a romance lover like me.  I’m a sucker for a swoon-worthy love story, and there is one in particular that I really liked.   Both couples have their fair share of obstacles, and they both struggle with communication, secrets, betrayals, and more. I do wish their romances were developed a bit more, but I have a feeling this will happen as the series progresses. However, it’s clear that both couples care for each other and want a future together however impossible that may seem.  

The world-building is another part of the story that I really enjoyed.  Each place introduced is so unique and different from the others, and I found them each to be vivid and intriguing.  It’s interesting how the magnificence of one kingdom contrasts the humbleness of another and how each had such different goals and motivations.  It definitely shows what each kingdom values.  I’m really curious to learn more about rivers world.  It’s so fascinating, and there’s so much more to unpack.  

Frozen Hearts and Death Magic is a great start to the Of Fire and Fae series, and after the twists and turns and surprise revelations, I’m eager to read the next book and see what happens to all four protagonists as their journey continues.  Thanks so much to Day Leitao for sending me a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romances.
  • The intrigue.
  • The magical/fantasy elements.

Favorite Lines:

If romantic wishes and dreams of kisses were weaknesses, then she was far from strong.

Everything worthwhile in this world carries some risk. But the funny thing is that avoiding them won’t prevent the pain.

You think information is a gift, and it can be. But it can also be a curse, or a heavy load, or even a treasure people will do anything to steal.


I would definitely recommend checking out the content warnings before reading the book, as there are some elements that could be triggers for readers. That being said, if you like fantasy with lots of action, twists and turns, and two romances, then you should check this one out!

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